When In India For 7 Days - One Week Suggested Itineraries

If you have time of one week on your hands, say maybe during the easter break and you are arriving in India at any of these locations (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore), here are some handpicked itineraries for you.

From Delhi

If you are arriving in Delhi you are suggested to follow one of the classic one week itineraries that is the ‘Golden Triangle’ itinerary. This pick is called {India} India’s Golden Triangle, 7-day Itinerary and is summarized by idelish This itinerary covers Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. If you have time to spare, you can pick another city in Rajasthan; preferably Udaipur or Jodhpur.

Arrive in Delhi and stay the night. Move on to Agra the next day and to Rajasthan for the next 3 days. Return to Delhi. If you pull off a backpacking trip, this trip should cost you something between Rs 8000/- to Rs 15000/- or else if you go the way of luxury it could take anything above Rs 30,000/-

Click the link below for the detailed itinerary.

If you are one of those who do not wish to switch cities and just want to take in one city at a time; then here’s a week long itinerary just for Delhi. This one is called One Week in Delhi: The Perfect Itinerary by TripSavy.
This itinerary covers old and new delhi, cafes, books, monuments everything.

Click the link below for the detailed itinerary.

From Mumbai

Read the itineraries in this link provided by first hand travel experiences. The itineraries cover Mumbai and places around it such as Lonavala, Alibaug.

Reach Mumbai, Explore Lonavala and Alibag and then depart to Delhi on the final day.
Click the link below for the detailed itinerary.

And if all you want is a week in Mumbai alone; here’s what might be helpful. This itinerary is called One Week in Mumbai: The Perfect Itinerary and is made by TripSavy.
Click the link below for the detailed itinerary.

From Bangalore

If you are taking the unconventional route and landing in Bangalore; here’s an itinerary for Karnataka in one week. Bangalore is the capital city of the state Karnataka. This itinerary is called Karnataka in 7 Days: A Day-Wise Itinerary To Extract The Best Of The State In Just A Week by Tripoto. It includes Bangalore, Mysore, Chikmangalur, Mangaluru and other places.

Day 1 Bangalore, Day 2-3 Mysore, Day 4 Hasaan, Day 5 Chikmagalur, Day 6-7 Mangaluru,
Click the link below for the detailed itinerary.

And for one whole week in only and only Bangalore, here’s another pick that covers all of the city for you. The itinerary is called 7 Day Itinerary in Bangalore by world66

Click the link below for the detailed itinerary.

We hope these help you make your choices well!

Disclaimer: The links mentioned above are NOT sponsored. The budget is only an estimate for per person ad does not guarantee anything.

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Author: Jayati Gupta
A millennial who enjoys taking photographs & likes to write sometimes. She is fond of listening to stories and adores Shin Chan.