Buying a SIM card in India

Getting a SIM Card in India

Great! you found us looking for a SIM card in India, but did you know that getting a local connection in India can be quite a daunting task. Even after getting one it is not necessary that your phone will work with a Local SIM card or not.This could be because either the GSM band of your phone is not compatible or your phone is locked to your carrier.

Due to security reasons, getting a SIM card in India requires foreign tourists to furnish a lot of documents and there are many steps involved in the process, have a look:

Step 1: Local reference

For a Sim card you will need a local reference name and phone number(For instance you can’t apply for a Sim card in Delhi with a reference in Mumbai- it has to be a local number)

  1. It is not necessary that you will have a local reference.
  2. Your local reference will get a call from the network provider within 24 hours of submitting the documents.
  3. It is possible that only one phone call is made to the local reference and in case they miss that call, you may have to wait for a day or so get the call again.
  4. It is also possible that you may have to repeat the entire documentation process with a different number as your application may be rejected and then you’ll have to wait for another two days.

Step 2: Final verification

  1. Once the network has called your local reference and your phone becomes active, it should display a signal.
  2. You then need to call the activation number (59059) from your phone and confirm the name and address details as provided at the time of applying for your SIM card.

Step 3: Activation complete.

  1. Within 15 hours of your details being successfully verified, your SIM card should be active.
  2. Now you will have to go back to the shop and top up or recharge your phone with the data and voice plans that you desire.
  3. Make sure that you are in the same area in which you bought the SIM card for the activation to go through. For instance, if you bought the SIM card in Delhi, you cannot complete the activation if you have travelled outside of Delhi. It has to be done within the same area it was issued.

Step 4: Choose a calling plan

  1. Traveling around India, outside your circle of SIM card issue, you will generally be considered to be ‘roaming’.
  2. You should still be able to use your phone, but making and receiving calls will be more expensive.
  3. Ask the sales executive at your local provider’s shop to help you pick out the plan that suits you the best.
  4. In most of the cases he will the one in which he has the maximum profit.

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Getting a SIM Card in India is not as easy getting one in other countries like USA, Singapore, UK, Germany, France etc. It will be better if you look for an alternative rather than wasting you precious vacation time.

You need Trabug

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Trabug is one solution to all your problems. Book it online and travel hassle free.

Get Indian SIM Card with every Travel Phone

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