Must Checkout Shopping Markets In India

We know a tourist can never detach themselves from shopping the local stuff and why should they, when there are a number of marvelous markets around to tickle the shopaholic inside you. Also, isn’t it like a ritual to get two bags but always leave with two but with stuff equal to fit three?
Let’s take pride in our shopping skills together and explore these gorgeous and famous markets of India.

1. Sarojini Market

Where: New Delhi
Type: Street Market
Famous for: Latest fashion at crazy cheap prices
Items: Clothes, Jewellery, Bags, Shoes, Home decor, Gift items
USP: Variety of Choices

2. Colaba Causeway

Where: Mumbai
Type: Street Market
Famous for: Accessories
Items: Junk jewellery, Shoes, Bags, Loose Beads, Clothes
USP: Negotiable Prices

3. Ravivari Bazar

Where: Ahmedabad
Type: Flea Market
Famous For: Antique pieces
Items: Jewellery, Furniture, Watches, Home Decor
USP: 600 Years Old Market

4. Sardar Market

Where: Jodhpur
Type: Traditional Flea Market
Famous For: Handicrafts
Items: Textiles (Bandhej), Spices, Bangles, Jewellery,
USP: Handmade Pieces

5. Jagdish Temple Market

Where: Udaipur
Type: Traditional Flea Market
Famous For: Handicrafts
Items: Textiles (Bandhani, Leheriya), Leather goods, Bangles, Jewellery, Diaries, Ittar (Perfume), Mojri ( Shoes)
USP: Variety and Negotiable Prices

6.Bara Bazar

Where: Nainital
Type: Street Market
Famous For: Homemade Eatables
Items: Fruits, Jams, Squashes
USP: Rare fruits and dishes

7. College Street

Where: Kolkata
Type: Street Market
Famous For: Second Hand Books
Items: Books
USP: Cheap Prices

8. Chikmagalur Market

Where: Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Type: Street Market
Famous For: Coffee Beans
Items: Coffee beans, Berries,
USP: High Quality Product

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