For A Happy First Time Travel To India

India is dream country to visit for many and for many reasons too. Be it the culture, the colours the calm or the chaos, it has intrigued travellers since ages and continues to do so even now. Being different from the other parts of the world, India has its own ways with the things and the people.

To come here and to explore India comfortably; we would like you to keep the following in mind.


Well in advance plan your trip. People usually try to squeeze too many places in one trip and that would take the essence out of the trip. India has a lot of different things. It has mountains, backwaters, spiritual centres, cultural bits, wildlife and much more. Pick the parts you want to explore and make arrangements already. Book hotels/ airbnb well in advance and also get tickets for your preferred way of commute already booked. India is a populous country, so to avoid ending up without tickets, this is essential. For railway tickets you can visit the government site and avoid standing in lines on the station.


Avoid drinking tap water as unlike many countries, tap water in India isn’t distilled. Buy packed water only. Food in India is generally spicy and will always have more vegetarian options as to non vegetarian options, therefore choose food places wisely. Avoid eating at roadside stalls or from vendors as it may not be hygienic and could give you what is called a ‘delhi belly’.

Avoid using public washrooms as the condition is usually really unhygienic. Keep with yourself at all times sanitizers/soap, wet wipes and toilet paper.

Law Of The Land

India is the world’s largest democracy and to being in India, it is essential for you to take care of certain things. India has strict laws related to PDA, homosexulatily,alcohol etc. While some laws are prevalent throughout the country, a lot of them are subject to change with change in states.

The link below mentions some of the essential ones that every foreign traveller needs to know, no matter what. We would strongly recommend to keep yourself well informed.


When travelling to India, expect a lot of crowd and lots of people. While it can be overwhelming at once, it will be easy getting used to. People will stare at you but with no harsh intentions in most cases. It is mostly out of curiosity. You will spot beggars of all age groups and we would firmly suggest to avoid them and not give them money. Be aware of fraudulent guides, pick pockets and money extractors, while getting foreign exchange or at tourist spots. Women travellers to keep a step ahead as travelling alone in India to most places at night would not be suitable.

Emergency Helpline

Save this the first thing in your phones as you enter the country.

The following number is given by the Ministry of Tourism and is available all time i.e.

Toll-free Tourist Helpline No.: 1800-11-1363, Short Code: 1363

Also, always carry with yourself your passport and other documents that prove your identity.

While it can appear to be a difficult place, India is a magnificent one too and you will discover that when you are here.

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Disclosure: None of the links mentioned above are sponsored. The information is true to the best of our knowledge/experience and is subject to change with time/in varying situations.

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Author: Jayati Gupta
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