13 Simple Steps to Save International Roaming Data

We know that one thing that costs us a lot for being internet dependent beings are the roaming charges. We need it as we can’t possibly do without it but then it also raids our pockets.

The service providers take full advantage of this and make international roaming plans as expensive as they can. Data roaming is very expensive & moreover you will never know how much data is getting drained for which you are being charged by your service provider. You will unfortunately be welcomed back home by a massive phone bill.

But it isn’t all bad. Here’s the light at the end of that dark and heavy roaming fees tunnel.

By following a few simple steps, you can save upto 50% on your international roaming charges while roaming abroad.

1. Keep mobile data turned-off while not in use.

This is the easiest thing you can do. Here’s how to do that!

For an iPhone:
From the Home screen; Navigate: Settings > Cellular and tap the cellular data switch on or off.

For a Samsung S-8:
From the Home screen; Navigate: Settings > Connections > Data usage. Tap the mobile data switch on or off. If prompted, tap turn off to confirm.
And when you need data just turn it back on.

2. Download the apps needed prior to the travelling.

Apps do end up taking loads of amount of data and for that matter time, so make sure you have the required apps preinstalled when you leave home. We would encourage having cab booking applications and emergency applications pre installed.

3. Disable the data hungry apps which will not be used by you.

Social media apps, pinterest and all those games that you are not going to be needing but are going to bite on your phone data, keep them disabled.

4. Avoid streaming high quality videos and music. Use data for information purpose only.

Travelling is tricky and without internet it gets trickier. Use your chunk of data wisely. Listen to music on audio apps rather than streaming music videos. Save those videos offline when you find WiFi and you are good to go. Save the data for when you could need it.

5. Turn on backup and automatic updates of apps to WIFi only mode.

You might end up losing data because WhatsApp or other apps just keep backing up in the background. These Apps do so every few hours. Keep their backup and update modes to ‘only WiFi’ options to avoid having your data used.
Here’s how to do that:

For an iPhone:
From Home screen, Navigate: Settings> iTunes and App Store>Use cellular data. Tap the cellular data switch for Automatic Downloads to on or off.

For a Samsung S-8:
From home screen, Navigate: Google Play store>
Tap the top left(3- lines) Menu button where it says google play>settings>Auto-update apps to Wi-Fi mode only.

6. Turn off the autoplay while using social networking apps like facebook, can do the video quality settings to SD only.

Keep autoplays on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook off as before you know it, your video is loaded and there goes your data. So to avoid that, change the setting. Keep the video quality to SD only too.
Here’s how to:

For an iPhone:
From the top right of the Facebook click Downward Arrow>Settings>videos> Turn off Autoplay vedios and also Vedio Default quality to SD only.

For a Samsung S-8:
From the top right of the Facebook click Downward Arrow>Settings>videos> Turn off Autoplay vedios and also Vedio Default quality to SD only.

7. Close the background apps on phone when not in use.

The background apps such as active moving wallpapers or brightness control apps or more keep using data and battery in the background. Make sure to disable them or uninstall them for the time being.

For an iPhone:
Swipe up from the bottom of screen and hold your finger on the screen for about a half second.
Long press the screen you will see the minus sign on the every app. Tap the minus sign or swipe up the apps those are not needed

For a Samsung S8:
Tap the application key> To remove the app swipe on the display to right to stop a single app and clear all to remove all background apps.

8. You can use the offline maps for navigation.

Save all your maps offline and then navigate. This saves a lot of data and you can always keep going back to them with much more ease.

9. Choose the browsers wisely

Use the web browser which can compress data like opera-mini and while using browsers like chrome, keep data saver on to compress and save data

10. Turn off the notifications from apps.

Yes, turning notifications off can save data. Also, you are here to travel. So, notifications can wait a little. :)
Here’s how to do away with them:

For an iPhone
From the Home screen, Navigate: Settings>Notifications>Allow Notifications, Tap it to on and off the notifications from apps

For a Samsung S-8:
From Home screen, Navigate: Settings> Notifications> Select apps you want to receive notifications from.

11. Add per day data limit.

You can set mobile data usage limits in your phone. You can set them to monthly and even daily basis. Explore this option and you will not overuse your data.

For an iPhone:
There’s unfortunately no such feature available.

For a Samsung S-8:
From the home screen Navigate: Settings>Connections>Data usage>Mobile data usage>Tap on gear icon on extreme right>Data limit>Tap and enter the data limit.

12. Try to connect less number of users to hotspot.

Restrict the number of people using your data connection. We know it is said, the more the merrier but it ain’t so in this case. Save it from too many data suckers and you will have no extra costs.

13. Stop auto switching to mobile data

You can save data when your mobile stays connected to WiFi and does not eat up .the mobile data.You can make this change as follows:

For iPhone:
From the home screen, Navigate: settings>Mobile data>Wi-Fi assist, Tap it to turn off the Wi-Fi assist
This feature allows a user to connect to mobile data when wifi connectivity is poor. If we switch this off then the phone will not automatically shift to mobile data.

For Samsung S-8:
Unfortunately, there is no assistance for this feature in S-8.

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Happy travelling to you!

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