Trabug has Special Deals for Group Tours

You could be visiting India in a group for any purpose, be it a wedding, medical treatment, musical concert, business meeting or plain simple leisure with your family or friends.
Whatever the purpose, everyone wants to stay connected and with each other and home, in a foreign country. Trabug understands your connectivity needs and offers solutions customised just for you.
Trabug is a travel phone specially designed for foreign tourists coming to India. It also comes with a 4G connection and unlimited data.
Trabug has special deals for people travelling together in a group. To know more contact:


Hosting or attending a wedding in India? Get in touch with Trabug. You can offer Trabug to your guests or get one for yourself. It will help you sync up with everyone at the wedding, catch a cab, get to the venue, co-ordinate with guests and keep everyone updated of your whereabouts.
Trabug is extremely popular with destination weddings. Indian wedding end up becoming a week long event. If you are hosting a wedding in India give your guests Trabug so that they can stay connected with you all the time. You can keep them updated about the various ceremonies that happen during the wedding. Help them feel comfortable while exploring a new place and culture.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism has grown multiple folds in last few years in India. Due to Inflation in other countries people come to India for their treatment at much lower rates. Another reason for Medical treatment in India is the Quality of care provided at Indian hospitals.
There are many multi specialty hospitals in India which aim to provide best treatment to patients. The most popular treatment sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery and hip replacement.
In 2016 citizens of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Republic of Korea and Nigeria availed the most medical visas for India.
If you are accompanying your loved one or coming with a patient, get Trabug to keep your family back at home informed about the condition of the patient.

Business Meetings, Conferences and Exhibitions

Are you coming for a business meeting or a conference in India ?
You cannot completely depend on hotel wifi. They are either slow or not secure. Getting a local connection. Trabug solves this for you. You can pre order Trabug for your next visit to India. Wifi facility which is just few taps away. All this at very nominal charges.


Every year India hosts a number of international music concerts which is attended by people from all over the world come in a large number. If you are planning to be part of or attend one of these events, with friends or family, book Trabug. You will get a Smartphone with a Local SIM card. With high speed internet at your disposal, you can record and stream live video of these events and share it with your friends back home. Get Trabug Pack delivered at any location in India.

Religious tourism

India is a hub for religious tourists across the world. India is the birthplace for Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and many other religions and cults. Most of the Shrines, Temples, Monastries and other places of worship are usually in remote areas. If you go unprepared, you would find it hard to get a SIM card in such locations. Go prepared, book Trabug. With our logistics spread out to far reaches of India, we would deliver you the Trabug Pack anywhere in India.

Review from a happy customer

“I had a great experience with Trabug on a recent 2 week business trip to India. The phone delivery/set-up/pick-up was easy, and customer service is excellent.”

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