When In India For 21 Days - Three Week Suggested Itineraries

If you have time of 3 weeks on your hands and you have a fancy for India, here are some itinerary suggestions to pick one from. The first pick we have for you is 3 Weeks in India Itinerary: Delhi, Kerala, Goa and Mumbai itinerary by Vicky Flip Flop. This itinerary highlights Delhi and The Golden Triangle, Kerala, Goa and Mumbai. This itinerary is a famous one as is gives you a bit of both North and South India. You start the trip in Delhi, proceed to Agra and then eventually explore various cities in Rajasthan. From then on you explore Kerala and then Mumbai and Goa. Click this link to learn about the detailed itinerary.//vickyflipfloptravels.com/3-weeks-in-india-itinerary/ Image Courtesy: Pexels The next pick is for those of you who are into backpacking trips. The itinerary is called India Backpacking route – Three to four week itinerary by Evy Ven Kan. This itinerary will help you for your perfect low budget backpacking trip and cover all the famous spots. The cities included are Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mumbai and Goa. Click this link to learn about the detailed itinerary.https://www.reisjevrij.nl/en/backpacking-route-india-three-to-four-week-itinerary/ Image Courtesy: Flickr This third pick is called India itinerary. Best Ideas for two, three and four weeks. The itinerary lets you pick for three different time periods. The two week itinerary with the golden triangle ( Delhi - Agra- Rajasthan) is extended to a three week one by adding Aurangabad/Hampi and Goa. Click this link to learn about the detailed itinerary.//www.travelsauro.com/india-itinerary-two-three-four-weeks/’’