Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - A Gorgeous Hidden Destination in Rajasthan

Image Courtesy: Travel Triangle The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a lesser know but worth it destination in the state of Rajasthan. It has been called paradise for birds and bird watchers. It hosts thousands of rare and endangered species of birds. One of those would be a Siberian crane. The sanctuary has been established for over 250 years now.Read these hand picked blogs to know what to expect on your trip there: Pritesh Kulkarni from Pune writes on ‘Bharatpur: Bird’s paradise!!!’ and elaborates very precisely about his trip to the place. He starts by explaining about the place and its location. The blog piece is a very personal experience and suggests to book a car if you are travelling from Agra.According to him the guides are friendly. The canteen in the forest area can be approached for packed meals. He very distinctly describes all the creatures (the pictures are breathtaking) he came across in his blog here:http://pritskulkarni.blogspot.in/2016/01/bharatpur-birds-paradise.html The second read is by Ajay Sharma who is a passionate about travelling. The post is titled ‘A Trip to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary’ and Ajay starts off by telling you that he has visited the place a total of 4 times. He has included details about directions, entry fee, parking fee, timings, gates,, transports and other such important things. He further lists all that the birds and animals he spotted and how breathtaking the view was. Read his complete blog here:https://www.ghumakkar.com/bharatpur-bird-sanctuary/ Our next pick is called ‘Bird It Like Bharatpur’ by BeyondLust. The riter starts off by telling you how the experience was to drive to the destination. They go on elaborating about their encounter with the guide and the rickshaw drivers and how it was pleasant. They also describe the number of species of plants, mammals, snakes, avifauna. According to them, the best months for bird watching here are November to February. Read the blog for more. The pictures included in the blog are worth a look too! https://beyondlust.in/2012/01/11/bird-it-like-bharatpur/ This fourth pick is by traveltraingle called ‘Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Your Perfect Date With Nature’The blog is a perfect travel planning guide to the place. It elaborates on the modes of transport, distance from various places, time taken to reach, places to stay and even gives you the essential tips. The blog also includes history and details of the bird watching safari.Read it here: http://traveltriangle.com/blog/bharatpur-bird-sanctuary/