Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur is a city where Brahmin-blue houses stand cheek-by-jowl with 21st century architecture. The Blue City is literally Blue! It’s filled with glittering, winding, medieval streets, which do not lead you where you expect to go. The scent of roses and incense hangs in the air, with bazaars selling everything from bangles to saris to temple decorations to trumpets. Most tourists visit Jodhpur to take in its imposing forts and picturesque lakes. But whether you’re here to shop, stare, or soak in the atmosphere, you won’t leave Jodhpur without the city having made an impression on you. Top things to do in JodhpurExplore Mehrangarh Fort The mighty and wondrous Mehrangarh Fort tops our list. Use Trabug’s audio tour and spend the rest of your day exploring one of the largest forts in India. The sprawling complex includes many royal apartments, charming rooms, and delightful balconies, but one of these is special. Take a peep inside Phool Mahal – the Palace of Flowers. It is believed that this was a room dedicated solely to the pleasure of the Maharajas – where they watched dancing girls perform, enjoyed the rich art of their paintings, and had a royally good time. For adventurous tourists, the Flying Fox activity is a must. A zipline tour that sends you flying around Mehrangarh Fort’s moats and ramparts, the Flying Fox attracts customers from all walks of life, including, it seems, Boris Johnson, London’s erstwhile mayor and current British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

How to get an e-Visa for India?

How to get an e-Visa for India? Eligible candidates may apply online, minimum 4 days in advance of date of arrival with a window of 30 days. Photograph on white background with personal details like name, DOB, expiry date etc. should be uploaded on line. eTV fee is non- refundable. Valid till 30 days from date of arrival. eTV holder is allowed for maximum 2 visits in a calendar year. eTV on arrival is Only Single entry, non extendable, non convertible and not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted and Cantonment area. Services you can easily get with e-Visa You would obviously want to stay connected with your loved ones and/or your work. You would think of getting a local SIM Card to save international roaming charges, but what if we told you don’t need a SIM card now in India. Surprised! Yes it’s true. Trabug is a new service which aims to keep you connected across India with its smartphone. It is a unique solution to all your problems. It is a high-end smartphone that comes with a 4G Sim card and unlimited data and made available to you on rental basis. Trabug rental plans are designed to suit your budget and usage. It is easy to get Trabug with your e-Visa. Review from a happy customer “We did enjoy using Trabug! The phone made our trip so much easier…don’t know what we would have done without it.” Rajat Sethi Canada Links that might interest you: Why get Trabug and not just a SIMcard? How does Trabug work? Countries for which e-visa is available

Buying a SIM card in India

Great! you found us looking for a SIM card in India, but did you know that getting a local connection in India can be quite a daunting task. Even after getting one it is not necessary that your phone will work with a Local SIM card or not.This could be because either the GSM band of your phone is not compatible or your phone is locked to your carrier. Due to security reasons, getting a SIM card in India requires foreign tourists to furnish a lot of documents and there are many steps involved in the process, have a look: Step 1: Local referenceFor a Sim card you will need a local reference name and phone number(For instance you can’t apply for a Sim card in Delhi with a reference in Mumbai- it has to be a local number) It is not necessary that you will have a local reference. Your local reference will get a call from the network provider within 24 hours of submitting the documents. It is possible that only one phone call is made to the local reference and in case they miss that call, you may have to wait for a day or so get the call again. It is also possible that you may have to repeat the entire documentation process with a different number as your application may be rejected and then you’ll have to wait for another two days. Step 2: Final verification Once the network has called your local reference and your phone becomes active, it should display a signal. You then need to call the activation number (59059) from your phone and confirm the name and address details as provided at the time of applying for your SIM card. Step 3: Activation complete. Within 15 hours of your details being successfully verified, your SIM card should be active. Now you will have to go back to the shop and top up or recharge your phone with the data and voice plans that you desire. Make sure that you are in the same area in which you bought the SIM card for the activation to go through. For instance, if you bought the SIM card in Delhi, you cannot complete the activation if you have travelled outside of Delhi. It has to be done within the same area it was issued.


Places to visit in Agra

Built by Akbar in 1565, Agra is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, about 200 kilometers south of the national capital New Delhi. Agra is famous for its rich architecture and culture. The numerous bazaars are flooded with Zardozi (metal embroidery using gold/silver string) adorned cloth pieces, ittar (scents), dhurries (cotton rugs), brassware, leather items and of course souvenirs. There are many hidden wonders in Agra, which can be explored through Trabug. Taj Mahal “Taj Mahal” It’s the magical allure of the Taj Mahal that usually brings tourists to Agra. Described as a “teardrop on the cheek of time”, it truly lives up to the hype. The beautiful monument was made in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, by her husband, Shah Jahan. One of the seven wonders of the world and a world heritage site, it is India’s most visited monument. Other places to visit “Tomb of I’timād-Ud-Daulah”


Amritsar: Of Patriotism, Food and Religion

Amritsar, also known as Ambarsar, was founded in 1577 by the fourth Sikh Guru, Ram Das. The city is home to Sikhism’s holiest shrine, the spectacular Golden Temple, known locally as Harmandir Sahib. Situated in the state of Punjab, Amritsar is a mere 30 kilometres away from the Pakistan border. The National Capital, Delhi, is 450 km away. Amritsar is well-connected to the rest of India through a good rail and road network. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport connects Amritsar to the rest of the world, with seven international destinations and eleven domestic connections. The Golden Temple is the spiritual centre of the Sikh religion. Popularly known as “Darbar Sahib”, the Golden Temple is surrounded by water on all four sides. This is what gave Amritsar its name: “Amrit-sar”, meaning “lake of nectar”. The Temple is a must-visit, even for the non-religious. Its serene atmosphere and striking design make it an automatic choice for a visit. You can book Trabug for an audio-guided tour of the temple. “Golden Temple” Amritsar is also a food-lovers’ paradise. From the Golden Temple langar, or free meal served to all visitors irrespective of faith…to Amritsar’s famous fish tikkas and lassi, you can wolf down a scrumptious meal at many, many different places in the city. Trabug can help you find what you’re looking for. Other places of interest: Wagah Border — the only open international border between India and Pakistan, which is officially accessible by both the nations. A daily retreat ceremony has been observed here at sunset since 1959. India’s Border Security Force and Pakistan’s Sutlej Rangers twirl moustaches, stomp feet, and stand toe-to-toe in a testosterone-heavy ritual that attracts thousands of visitors every day. Timings can be found using Trabug.


Jaipur: City Royale

The capital of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur offers nostalgia for the past on the busy streets of its present. Home to majestic palaces, grand forts and architectural wonders, Jaipur is a city like none other. The Pink City, as Jaipur is often called, is visited by tourists almost all year round. A Jaipur itinerary is made up attractions like Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, the City Palace and Sisodia Rani Garden. It is also quite popular for handicrafts, jewellery and it’s food—an interesting mix of savouries and sweets. Things to do “Amber Fort” The Chokhi Dhani Village, a one-of-a-kind theme park, is a complete family destination. There are many entertainment activities available, including camel and horse rides, folk dance shows, puppet shows, fire acts and various games. It is also renowned for it’s mouth watering Rajasthani food served with gusto on leaf platters. “Chokhi Dhani” The Jaipur Literature festival, the world’s largest literature festival, is quite famous amongst book lovers around the globe. Typically held in January at the Diggi Palace, the 5-day festival gives people around the world a fascinating insight into Rajasthan’s cultural heritage.


9 Cool Things to Do in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad (also called Amdavad) is the largest city in the state of Gujarat. It has many remarkable buildings, excellent museums and fine restaurants. One of India’s safest cities, it has fabulous night markets and vibrant night-life overall. If you want to enjoy proper Gujarati cuisine then ‘Dadi Dining Hall’ is the place to visit. Their staff knows how to treat their guests with veritable gestures and authentic food. Cool things to do Do the night heritage walk Attend Ravivari Visit “Bhatiyaar ki Gali” or the “Irani Café” at Teen Darwaza Fly a kite on the festival of Makar Sankranti on the river front Shop at Rani ni Hajiro Hang around in Law Gardens Go to Garba during Navratri Explore the above and other great spots using Trabug. :) Places to visit “Sabarmati Ashram” The former residence of Mahatma Gandhi and now a national monument, the Sabarmati Ashram is one of the most visited attractions in Ahmedabad. You can listen to stories about various aspects of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and also learn how to spin “Khadi” in a “Charkha”. There are also many pictures which depict the life and challenges in the life of Mahatma Gandhi during his struggle for an independent India. Other places of interest are the Auto World Vintage Car Museum, Sabarmati Riverfront, Sarkhej Roza, Jama Masjid, Sidi Saiyad Mosque, Calico Museum of Textiles, Manek Chowk, Heritage Walk and Dada Hari in Vav.


20 Reasons why you should get Trabug

#1. Save on International Roaming While traveling to India, you will want to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. You might also want to contact fellow travelers whom you met along the way or reach out to any local services. Using the international roaming services of your mobile provider can prove to be quite expensive. Trabug helps you save more than 70% on international roaming. #2. Get an Android Smartphone While you are travelling to India, there is a high possibility that your mobile will not work in India due to the bandwidth compatibility issue. To stay connected, you may have to buy a new, compatible mobile phone. Trabug plugs this gap by renting a compatible smartphone to you, the cost of which is bundled with your service plan. No separate or hidden costs. We have replaced the native smartphone interface with our super-easy interface for your convenience. #3. Get a 4G SIM CardEvery Trabug Pack contains a 4G SIM card. The 4G connection will help you in speedy downloads, easy internet access, instant messaging, video calling, and much more. #4. Plans for EveryoneYou can benefit from our best-researched plans across multiple service providers to provide you with great options while you travel. You can even top-up on the go right from the smartphone! Check out Trabug’s plans.