You can now Compare the cost of Medical Treatment in India & USA

Medical procedure USA India Heart Bypass $123,000 $7,900 Angioplasty $28,200 $5,700 Heart Valve Replacement $170,000 $9,500 Hip Replacement $40,364 $7,200 Hip Resurfacing $28,000 $9,700 Knee Replacement $35,000 $6,600 Spinal Fusion $110,000 $10,300 Dental Implant $2,500 $900 Lap Band $14,000 $7,300 Gastric Sleeve $16,500 $6,000 Gastric Bypass $25,000 $7,000 Hysterectomy $15,400 $3,200 Breast Implants $6,400 $3,000 Rhinoplasty $6,500 $2,400 Face Lift $11,000 $3,500 Liposuction $5,500 $2,800 Tummy Tuck $8,000 $3,500 IVF Treatment $12,400 $2,500 Treatment cost is much lesser in india compared to the other countries. Furthermore a foreigner can save his money on roaming charges using Trabug.We provide a smartphone and a 4G SIM card loaded with helpful travel information and services, bundled with voice and a unlimited data plan to keep you connected. If you want to know more, read about 20 ways in which Trabug can benefit you. Stay connected across India.Getting an e-Visa will also help you to get Trabug.Trabug is a unique solution. It provides you a high-end smartphone and 4G SIM card with unlimited data. All the information about localised services is preloaded and it is delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India. For a better travelling experience get Trabug. You might also want to read these: Estimate the cost of Dental treatment and duration in India All about the Royal City: Jaipur 20 reasons why you should get TrabugTrabug Facebook Reviews