Opening doors to Travel for the differently abled!

Neha Arora founder of Planetabled faced hardships in her childhood which motivated her to think out of the box and create something unique. After researching and thinking for two years she finally left her career at Adobe to start Planetabled. She loves to travel. She thinks people are not disabled, they are differently- abled.It is every child’s dream to go out for summer vacations with their parents. But have you ever thought about children who cannot travel because of their parents’ disability. Neha was one such child. Her father is visually impaired and mother, a wheelchair user. They both love to travel but it is not easy with their disability to travel. Also, there are so many places which become inaccessible because of lack of facilities.Planetabled has been appreciated everywhere and many people have also volunteered for the trips in terms of support during the trips and money too. It is a Delhi based startup and Neha has organised short trips to Agra and places in Delhi. She is planning on taking trips to Haridwar and Rishikesh soon. INSIGHT ON HOW THESE TRIPS ARE ORGANISEDAs we know there are more than a billion people in this world with different kinds disability. Disabled people also want to travel and explore new places but due to lack of accessible travel options they are unable to accomplish their desires and dreams. Planetabled understands this very well and organises tours and activities accordingly. Planetabled clubs people with different disabilities together in a group for a trip. There are 4 types of trips: Scheduled Group ToursAccompany them for a group trip with Strangers, but people like you, people who are passionate about travelling but have not been able to do so because of their disability. In this the destination is pre-decided and all you have to do is just register with them. Customised ToursIn this you can choose a place of your dreams. You also get an option of choosing whom you want to travel with. You can travel with family, friends, colleagues or even solo. They fill your trip with fun and adventure activities. Romantic ToursYou can Recreate the magic of love with their romantic tour package. Having company of your loved one is a different experience all together. Local City ToursOne day local city tours are organised for different cities. You can explore famous heritage sites, local markets, food etc.