Plans & Pricing

The prices, data, texts and voice minutes are valid for the entire duration of your trip and include delivery, return pickup, applicable taxes and all India roaming.?With the exception of the state of Jammu & Kashmir where there is no coverage due to Indian government restrictions.

Smartphone rental is charged for every extra day over the included number of days. Due to government regulations, plans can not be greater than 80 days.

All INCOMING calls are Free!

Any call coming from an international or India network will be free, wherever you go.

There is a REFUNDABLE security amount of USD 65 charged before shipping, which is refunded within 10 working days of the return of the Trabug Pack.
We give you plans which provide the described Voice minutes, Texts and Data. However, if you use more in one category the others automatically goes down.
For International calls, the calling time / minutes may vary depending on the country you call. The minutes given above are based on calling rates to USA. Check calling rates for your country.