Most Tourist Friendly Destinations In India - Part 1

India is a land that has given curiosity to too many people. It is one of hotspots for the traveler maps and is a retreat spot for the spiritual ones. People come to this country for various purposes and with various people, some solo, some with families, some with friends and some with strangers. Whatever the reason might be, a traveler stays a traveler and that’s where one needs to understand the priority of security. Therefore, in order to help you decide easily, here are the most tourist friendly destinations handpicked for you.The destinations listed are chosen on the basis that they fulfill the following things; or few; or a combination of a few; Cleanliness, Food options, Emergency Services, Staying Options, Safety for Solo Female Travellers, Cultural appeal and Honesty To The Tourist/ Traveller. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand : It is apart of Dehradun district. This place has great north indian food & is safe for women. It has great weather too that lets you enjoy spiritual bliss. It also offers a wide variety of watersports and is relatively a cleaner city. Mussoorie, Dehradun, Haridwar are very close by and can be visited by road. The place is also known as the Yoga Capital Of The World and would definitely interest fitness freaks. The city has a lot of cheap places to stay and eat at. There are various camps that one can visit that range from adventure camps like rafting to spiritual camps for meditation.As per people’s experience, locals in Rishikesh are friendly and helpful. Ahmedabad, Gujarat : This city is culturally diverse and has an amazing authentic cuisine. It lies in one of the safest states in the country. It is modern and old and has historic significance. The hotels are available but one is suggested to prior book. The state has n real night culture but is amazing to visit during Navratri in October or September. This city has good healthcare facilities as well. It has a good and affordable transport system. Ahemdabad is famous for its cotton and textile market so shop while you can! Gandhi Ashram is sure spot if you are Ahmedabad. Udaipur, Rajasthan : This destination is a hub if you want the cultural bit and the grandeur.. A small city with old architecture and rich heritage. Offers a lot to shop, eat and explore. Numerous lakes are an addition. The city is filled with people from all over the world all throughout the year, so make sure to have prior arrangements. Visiting during winters is advised that is from October onwards to February. The place has a lot of cheap and affordable eating places and a lot of auto drivers, cafe managers and spa people know foreign languages. Be aware of fraud tourist guides or photographers though. Hampi, Karnataka : Labelled as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, it is place of great interest. Beautiful architecture and good weather make the stay worthwhile. It is not too crowded and lets you have things at your pace. Prefer to reach there by train as it is more convenient that planes or by car if you are in Bangalore. The best way to travel in the city is to rent a bike. The city offers very effective and super affordable ayurvedic treatments. There is a good variety of wildlife too. Carry cash as to find working ATMs in Hampi is a task. Our Product Trabug- India’s First Travel Phone is devised to ensure one’s safety as it comes with all emergency services installed. It gives you information about eating places, shopping places and places to stay. It lets you book cabs and gets you foreign exchange without any risks. Therefore; to have a hassle free stay, give Trabug a chance!


How to Call a Cab from your Trabug Phone

Our Product And Its SpecificationsTrabug is India’s first custom made travel smartphone that helps people visiting India have a hassle free stay. Trabug comes with an inbuilt 4G sim card that saves the customer pain from having to buy a local sim. The phone is new, with a 5 inch high resolution screen and a long battery life. You could get the phone delivered in Delhi and have it picked up in Mumbai or for that matter, anywhere in the country. Trabug Smartphone has a bunch of services preloaded on the phone that include; cab bookings, top up recharge, shopping and eating suggestions, emergency services, foreign exchange services, embassy information all just a tap away. Procedure to book a cab is as follows: Locate ‘services’ on your Trabug phone. Select the ‘Get a Cab’ option. You will be directed to the cab booking application ‘Ola’ where you can quickly sign up or sign in. It will locate you using your GPS, find the nearest ride. You book the cab after you see the estimated time to arrive and the driver will contact you. The details of the driver and the cab are visible as soon as you book a cab. The app lets you pay through cash, card or ola money. Check the video out for more.ß Customer Reviews “I had a great experience with Trabug. I would recommend it to a friend for sure–in fact, I already have! The first phone they gave me didn’t work well at all–I think it was defective. However, they quickly replaced it (went out of their way to deliver it), and once they did, everything was smooth sailing. The phone wasn’t high-end, but functional (I’m an iphone user though, so i think I’m spoiled). It’s very helpful to have a wireless hot spot when traveling in india because wifi is not very available. The phone Trabug gave me was AWESOME for that, since cell service is good pretty much throughout Northern india where I traveled. I was even able to make FaceTime audio calls (and sometimes video) home to my loved ones in the states from everywhere–hotel rooms, buses, walking down the street etc. Plus, being able to use my personal iPhone was great, since the android given wasn’t super high end (touches not as responsive, etc.). PLUS: The price is very much worth it, especially with the service. And at the end, they picked up the phone from the hostel where i stayed my last night. All i had to do was give them the address, and leave it in the hostel lock box in the provided Trabug envelope. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Alan Ashbaugh U.S.A.


Compare International Roaming Plans for Data Calling and Text

Planning a trip to India? How do you plan to stay connected in a foreign land? There are, at the end of the day, only 2 options. Either get International Roaming activated from your local service provider or buy a SIM card when you reach India. If you are thinking of getting international roaming, think again. The following table will show you how expensive international roaming to India, no matter which country you come from, can be.India gets most of its tourists from 4 major countries, i.e. USA, UK, Canada and Australia. India also gets a fair share of travelers from Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We have compared the international roaming charges of popular service providers from various countries, on the basis of an average plan that we offer at Trabug. The FLEXI plan at Trabug gives you 2GB data with 100 mins of India calling and 30 mins of International calling. See what you may end up paying for the same plan on international roaming: Currency Incoming for 100 mins Outgoing Local/Minute Outgoing to Country of origin upto 20 mins Outgoing International upto 10 mins Data Charges/1GB Send SMS Approx. Expenditure in USD SINGAPORE Singtel SGD 150 1.5 60 50 25165.824 0.8 >500 Mobile 1 SGD 520 2.2 87 40 5242.88 >500 Starhub SGD 520 2.45 104 52 104.8576 0.85 >500 SWITZERLAND Sunrise Swiss Franc 300 2.2 95 15938.3552 0.5 >500 Swisscom Swiss Franc 300 1.6 74 37 0.4 >300 Salt Swiss Franc 40 0.4 8 4 943.7184 0.15 >500 DUBAI STC AED 650 5 200 135 19.922944 2 >100 Etisalat Group AED 125 1 48 90 34603.008 1.25 >500 Zair AED 80 0.5 20 10 0.15 >100 ITALY lycamobile Euro 249 4.11 57.2 41.1 0.29 >200 AUSTRALIA Telstra AUD 350 3.5 3.5 35 0.75 >300 Optus AUD 100 1 20 10 419.4304 0.5 >300 Commander AUD 100 1 20 10 524.288 0.5 >500 USA Verizon USD 179 1.79 35.8 17.9 225 0.5 >300 AT&T USD 100 1 20 10 200 >300 UK Vodafone GBP 75 0.8 16 8 3060 0.35 >500 EE GBP 150 1.5 30 15 400 0.5 >300 Three GBP 125 2 40 20 3072 0.35 >500 O2 GBP 125 1.5 30 15 0.4 >300 So get Trabug and save more than 70%+ on roaming charges. Enjoy all the travel services we offer which make your stay in India smooth and memorable. What is Trabug?Trabug is India’s First travel phone specially designed for foreign travellers coming to India. It comes with a 4G connection and available on rent. Delivery and Pickup of Trabug is done at no extra cost! Planning to travel to India soon?You don’t need a Sim card, you need Trabug. Review from a happy customer


Following are the top 15 multispecialty hospitals in India: AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi PGIMER, Chandigarh Christian Medical College, Vellore Apollo Hospital, Chennai Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi JIPMER, Puducherry Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai SGPGI, Lucknow Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Mumbai Manipal Hospital, Bangalore King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai Fortis Hospital, New Delhi Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi New country, new place, new people, but still want to roam like a native? Check out how Trabug would help you be a native to the area.We provide a smartphone and a 4G SIM card loaded with helpful travel information and services, bundled with voice and a unlimited data plan to keep you connected. If you want to know more, read about 20 ways in which Trabug can benefit you. Stay connected across India.Getting an e-Visa will also help you to get Trabug.Trabug is a unique solution. It provides you a high-end smartphone and 4G SIM card with unlimited data. All the information about localised services is preloaded and it is delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India. For a better travelling experience get Trabug. Review from a happy customer “The phone was expecially useful as a hot spot.” Jon Fredrikson U.S.A. You might also want to read these:


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The most common hill stations snow-loving Indians head travel to are Shimla, Manali, and the other popular hill stations in the northern part of the country. But did you know that Odisha is also home to a mountain destination which receives snowfall every year?Read More Stay connected across India.Getting an e-Visa will also help you to get Trabug.Trabug is a unique solution. It provides you a high-end smartphone and 4G SIM card with unlimited data. All the information about localised services is preloaded and it is delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India. For a better travelling experience get Trabug. Review from a happy customer “Thank you for the excellent service” Jochen Loecke Germany You might also want to read these: How to get Medical visa for India Buying A SIM card in India Visit India in October and Indulge in the Festival MoodTrabug Facebook Reviews


Compare International Roaming Plan by Vodafone UK and Trabug for India

Are you planning to travel to India? Before opting for an International Roaming Plan offered by your operator, read this article. The information shared here will save you a lot of money and you can also travel across India without any hassle. If you are a UK (United Kingdom) Vodafone user and thinking of opting for Vodafone’s International travel plan for your next visit to India from UK , then you are about to dig a big hole in your pocket. International roaming plans prove to be very expensive and getting a local Sim Card after arriving in India can take a lot of time unlike UK where tourists can get pre-activated SIM cards off the shelf.You must be wondering what to do in such a situation. But don’t worry, there is a very elegant solution to this long standing problem. Get Trabug! Trabug is India’s First Travel Phone, specially designed for foreign travellers coming to India and it also comes with a 4G SIM card. You can avail this service on rental basis and save more than 70% on International roaming. Trabug delivers and picks up the Trabug Pack from anywhere in India and that too at no extra cost. So if you are landing in Delhi but leaving from Mumbai, you can still opt for Trabug. Here is a quick comparison between Vodafone’s International Roaming plans and what Trabug offers: Table 1: Vodafone UK International roaming charges Vodafone UKMaking Calls80p/minReceiving Calls75p/minText Message35p + home rateData Usage3 British pounds per MD upto 5MB, then 15 British Pounds for every 5MB 1 British Pound = 81.61 INR or Indian Rupees

Buying a SIM card in India

Great! You found us looking for a sim card to use in india, but did you know that getting a sim card in india can be quite a daunting task. And then, trying to find the cheapest SIM card in India for a heads up can be absolutely exhausting with so many options available even when the SIM card price in India is mostly affordable.Before getting a sim card, it is important to understand how telecom works in India, It could be very different from what you are used to. Types of SIM card in IndiaHere are two types of SIM cards available in India to help you narrow down the choices. 1. Postpaid SIM CardA postpaid SIM Card is the one where you are billed after having used the services like calling, data, texting. Postpaid plans cost more than prepaid plans generally. Your billing details are given to you in the end. The bill is usually sent to you at the end of a month long cycle.This works out well for residents and not available for foreign travellers. 2. Prepaid SIM Card or Pay as You go SIM CardA prepaid sim card in india for foreigners or a pay as you go sim india is where you pay before hand to avail services like calling, data, texting. The plans on this one are comparatively cheaper. Billing details aren’t provided so expenses remain vague.Most Indians use Prepaid sim cards. This works out better for foreigners as well. However, there are some downsides of getting a prepaid sim card. It needs constant topping up. You will get unwanted SMSs because the service provide does not differentiate between an Indian resident and a tourist. So, you need to register your number for DND, which for a shorter stay may not work out. Also, for indians the activation of SIM card is almost immediate based on their unique identity number called Aadhar. But for foreigners the activations takes a long time. In some cases even about 2-3 days. How to Top up a Prepaid Card?When you run out of credit on your prepaid card, you will only be able to take incoming calls (only those that don’t cost you roaming charges) and you won’t be able to make calls or text or use data.


5 Most Sought After Treks In North India

India has the mighty Himalayas and the breathtaking views they offer are a major reason to keep a space for a trek in your travel plan to India. When I need to achieve something, I always like looking at the result of it and I immediately feel motivated. I believe treks in that context also always require motivation to plan and when you are done, the sense of accomplishment is so immense that every sorrow in the world can probably drown and fade away. Therefore, with each trek listed below, there’s a picture attached that I hope will motivate you to go for it! 1. Hampta Pass TrekHampta pass is situated in southeast of Manali. This trek will enchant the mountain person in you as this trek in Himachal pradesh is right in the lap of Himalayas. It is a moderate altitude trek which is ideal for the beginners. It is 26 kilometer long with an altitude of 14,100 feet. The trek is best suited from May to October and the time required is 4-5 days. The hard work pays off well as the result of the trek is as beautiful as this picture below. Image Source: Indiahikes Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek This trek is for the mountain lovers, the valley loves, the flower lovers, the spirituals, the botanists and for anyone you can think of. The trek is shared between Himalayas and the Zanskar Range. The valley is at the altitude of 11000 feet. The trek gives one the opportunity to visit the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara which is very holy to Sikhs. Approximate time required is 6 days. Here’s a picture of what you’re aiming at while you’re on this trek.