Top 10 Must Do Things In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a combination of heritage old and new. The city is for the moderns and for the ones finding solace in the heritage. It has food, culture and even a film city of its own.
Here are the top 10 things one should do when in Hyderabad.

1. Visit the Charminar

Charminar is the face the city of Hyderabad. Visit it to experience the old city and the architecture. You can get a ticket and walk up to see the view from the charminar. The markets that surround the monument offer a lot to shop and eat too.

2. Explore the Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort is a very unique piece of architecture with its sound system. Hire a guide to know better. The fort gives a gorgeous view of the city and has amazing spots for photography. It is a time consuming place so will end up taking few good hours. Many bollywood movie shave been shot here too.

3. Lay Hands on The Paradise Biryani

The hyderabadi biryani is famous throughout the world and paradise is a chain that specialises in the biryani. There is variety to pick from here. You can even have a take away at some places. The restaurants are nice and spacious. You can even try their faluda for the dessert.

Image Courtesy: NDTV Food

4. Take A Tour Of The Ramoji Film City

Ramoji film city is the pride of the the city of hyderabad. A whole city in itself, it will help you have an insight into the world of filmmaking. There are various life size sets, an amusement ride area, a studio show and many more appealing things.

5. Take A Boat At The Hussain Sagar Lake

The hussain sagar lake is a great place to chill. One should visit it at night and hire a boat ride if one likes that takes you to have a closer look at the lit statue of buddha in the middle of the lake. The lake is usually crowded but is worth a visit.

Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

6. Visit The Jagannath Temple

The jagannath temple is a sacred temple and is also famous for its architecture. The temple attracts numerous tourists and worshippers every year. The best time to visit is during its annual fest that is the jagannath rath yatra.

Image Courtesy: Indian Columbus

7. Checkout The Big Rocks

The rocks are huge and millions of years old. They rest on the deccan plateau and are also often called the living rocks. There are walks/ treks carried out frequently.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

8. Pray at The Balaji Temple

The chilkur balaji temple is a very holy place for the worshippers. A lot of visa applicants pray for their visas and this temple therefore has come to be known as the visa temple. The place is a must visit for people interested in architecture.

Image Courtesy: Holidify

9. Go Art Fancy At Salar Jung

Salar Jung is one of the most famous museums in the country and is primarily an art museum. It has pieces collected from all over the world. It has famous possessions like The Veiled Rebecca, Mephistopheles and Margarita and the Biblical.

10. Buy Biscuits At The Karachi Bakery

Lastly, rather than the boring souvenirs for your family and friends, get them some amazing karachi biscuits. The place is famous for the taste and the variety of bakery, especially biscuits that it offers.

Image Courtesy: Varuna Jithesh

Disclaimer: None of the places mentioned above are sponsored.

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