Most Beautiful Deserts In India

India has the conventional beauty that rests in the palaces, the architecture of temples and mosques, the colours of clothes and the festivals. But that’s not it as in this once called ‘Golden Sparrow’; even holds beauty in the most barren and raw places and they will surely surprise you in all the great ways possible. Here we bring to you the 4 most beautiful deserts in India.

Thar Desert or The Great Indian Sand Desert

7th largest desert in the world with 75% of its area in India and the remaining 25% in Pakistan.
Places Covered: Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana
Sandy desert surrounded by Aravali Hill range and Rann of Kutch
Best time to visit is in October- November
Highlight - Pushkar Fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan

White Salt Desert or The Rann Of Kutch

It is the world’s largest salt desert
Located in Kutch, Gujarat
It has amazing wildlife attractions and unique handicraft.
Best time to visit is in January-February
Highlight: Rann Mahotsav in Kutch, Gujarat

The Cold Mountain Desert or The Desert Mountain Valley

Located In Himalayas , State: Himachal Pradesh
It is a cold desert and receives heavy snowfall during winters.
The unique attractions include the wildlife, national park and the snow leopards
The best time to visit is September-October
Highlight: Bike Road trip from SHimla to Spiti Valley

Deccan Thorn Scrub Forests

It is located in the Deccan Plateau is a very dry area with minimum rainfall
Places covered:Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Part of northern Sri Lanka
It has a lot of biodiversity and wildlife experience to offer
Best time to visit is between October and March
Highlight: Birdwatching

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Author: Jayati Gupta
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