All You Need To Know About Mysore and Ooty

Mysore and Ooty are two gorgeous places in South India that have palaces, tea estates, natural parks and lakes too. They are a breath of fresh air and serve you nature and the rest.

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Mysore, first!

This first pick is a blog by Anna from Global Gallivanting and is titled My Essential Mysore travel Guide: The Best Places To Visit, Stay And Eat. The article gives you reasons to visit Mysore, the budget, the places to stay, eating places, things to do, shopping places and everything. This is a wholesome guide to you trip to Mysore.

The blog can be read here:

The next one is by Travelogy India and is titled Top 15 Unforgettable Places To Visit In Mysore. It lists all that is there to be explored in the city of Mysore. It will tell you the obvious nes sure, but it also points out the one often missed by tourists.

The blog can be read here:


Moving on to Ooty!

This first pick is a blog by Santhosh Kumar for tripoto and is titled Ooty trip :). The blog is a personal documentation of the experience of a road trip from Bangalore to Ooty and is very elaborate and informative. The pictures are fantastic too, so have a look!

The blog can be read here:

This article is by Indian Luxury Trains and is titled Top 30 things To Do In Ooty and it sure lists not 5, 10 but 30 great things to do when in Ooty. The list goes on from gardens to lakes, to wildlife parks to palaces and more.

The blog can be read here:

This last article is titled A trip to Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg and Ooty. by The Optimist Diary and is the authors summary of their trip to these 4 places in South India. The places to visit in each city are every elaborately mentioned, along with the necessary information to reach and enjoy them.

Read it here:

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