8 Tips To Keep In Mind While Travelling to The Incredible Northeast of India

The northeast India is slowly becoming a favourite part to take trips to for the locals and the international travellers. It is fresh, beautiful and less populated. Even though it is becoming pretty popular among the tourists, it still has people concerned about safety. We are still to decide how tourist friendly the northeast is and therefore; here are some tips that we want you to keep in mind while you travel there.

  1. You may need special permits ( for example; the Protection Area Permit) and other documents to travel there. An Indian visa is obviously a must but do your research before you take the step.

  2. There are eight states, several districts and villages to cover, therefore, plan a tour with good amount of time in hand. A well planned trip is a better way to go here.

  3. Read and study about the locals, tribes, food and culture beforehand. You wouldn’t want to offend anyone, right? This will also let you have a better interactive experience.

  4. Be prepared for the rains. The northeast receives a decent amount of rainfall especially during monsoons. Best travel time is between October and April.

  5. Get yourself hotels and hostels pre booked as this area still has a developing hospitality sector.

  6. One is suggested to carry multiple simcards as the landscapes don’t permit very good connection.

  7. Immerse yourself in a natural lifestyle there and do not expect amazing internet access. You should even be prepared to lose it every now and then.

  8. Keep saved the emergency contacts at all times.

  9. And lastly; keep expecting the unexpected!

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Author: Jayati Gupta
A millennial who enjoys taking photographs & likes to write sometimes. She is fond of listening to stories and adores Shin Chan.