A Detailed Guide to Public Wi-Fi Networks in India for Foreign Tourists

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Everyone need internet access in this digital world. Be it at their homes, in offices, at railway stations, bus stops, cafes or airports, Millions worldwide latch on daily to paid or free public Wi-Fi hotspots to surf the Net on their mobile devices. Many tourists who are on holiday in India, meet their data needs through free public wifi zones or hotspots to save on expensive International roaming charges in India

Public wifi hotspots for foreigners in India though, can be a bane rather than a boon. Here’s why you should consider renting a portable 4g internet router or Travelphone

Public Wifi for Foreigners in India-

Instead of handing out passwords on a piece of paper, the Government has implemented a WiFi User Authentication System that generates an SMS password, delivered directly to the users phone number. The condition attached being that the mobile number has to be a functioning with an active Indian SIM card.

Once in a public wifi hotspot zone, a user must select the name of the free public Wifi Network, which loads a login form asking for an Indian mobile number. Once inserted, an OTP (One -time password) is sent to the user by the the ISP. The OTP must be entered and validated.

As a result, a foreign number can’t be used to access any public wifi zone without a working Indian mobile number or SIM card1

Due to security reasons, getting a SIM card in India for foreign tourist requires furnishing a lot of documents and there are many many steps involved in the process.
On top of that, even if you manage to acquire an Indian 4g SIM Card The number of public internet and wifi hotspot zones in India are very limited 31,000 compared to the USA 11 Million or France 4 Million.

Cyber Security for Tourists in India

One of the biggest threats with free public WiFi is the ability for hackers to position themselves between you and the connection point. So, instead of taking you directly with the hotspot, you end up sending your information to the hacker. The hacker also has access to every piece of information you send out—emails, phone numbers, credit card information, business data, the list goes on. And once a hacker has that information, it means trouble. Real trouble. And while you may think ‘okay, I’m not checking my personal email or netbanking while travelling in India, I’m just checking the sports scores,’ remember anything you do on a public WiFi network is not secure.2

Trabug offers Secure data privacy while traveling in India

How can a foreigner access the internet in India?

  • Cafe’s, restaurants and hotels etc. though they tend to be very expensive.
  • Buying a Local Indian Simcard - This is rather tricky and troublesome for a foreigner. Check out our guides on how to get a SIM card in India below-

a. How to get SIM card for calling and data in India
b. Best Indian Sim Card 2018- A step-by-step guide for a foreign tourist

  • International Data Roaming -

In an ideal world, the simplest option would be to use your home country’s phone network for using internet data or calling services in India, practically, international roaming charges in India are astronomical, almost 5 times more than what you pay at home.
Rather depressing, in’t it? But wait..

  • Enter Trabug!

Trabug is specifically designed to by travellers, for travellers! It offers a smartphone or a portable wifi device powered by a 4G connection on a rental basis, for anyone visiting India. Whether you are travelling for business, leisure or to meet family and friends, Trabug provides a hassle free experience of staying connected !

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The new Pocket Wifi device lets you connect as many as 5 devices. So, no Internet hassles for the iPad or the laptop or a personal phone. The helpful Trabug Travelphone comes with free audio tours and currency exchange services as well. The smartphone comes with reliable information about places to visit, eat or stay at. Like a virtual guide for India, it lets you book a cab with a preinstalled Uber/Ola app.The 4g internet plans are awesome!
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While booking a cab or going through social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype, IRCTC App, Google Maps, all come preinstalled), there’s hardly any lag . One can even use personal services on the phone without getting concerned as you get to checkout and wipe off all the personal data once you are ready to return it. So check your private mails, click silly duckface selfies, scroll through Facebook all without any worry!

Most importantly Trabug lets you access emergency services and information about police, hospitals, embassies, across India, anytime anywhere.
All Trabug products are delivered at your hotel/hostel and picked up from wherever you leave it at, e.g, It can be ordered in Delhi and left for return at Mumbai.

Trabug Offers-

  1. 1 GB Data everyday. You can get more data on request.
  2. Personal wifi password so your security is never compromised.
  3. Hotspot Connectivity upto 5 devices.
  4. Calling (International and Domestic).
  5. Specially Curated Content.
  6. Emergency Services.

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All this, for a fraction of the price of International Roaming and without the hassle of buying a local SIM after your arrival in India! A cheap and easy option for staying connected in India, while you enjoy it’s sights, sounds and Food!

For pricing, plans and more information: visit our Pricing Page
For more information about Trabug’s requirements, visit our FAQs Page.

Review from one for our Customers ! -

“My wifi device was delivered flawlessly to my Mumbai hotel in advance of my arrival, and returned (with a variety of options) two weeks later to a 7/24 depot in Delhi. The device provided good wifi connectivity, including within several out of the way spots in Rajasthan, and its battery charge was at least 2x better than rated. Excellent, non-intrusive, hands-on service from Trabug throughout … checking device received, working good, etc. Easy to recommend.”

If you have any questions and queries, let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you with an answer !