Why One Should Look Forward To Ayurvedic Massages When In India

India is very popular among foreign nationals for its Ayurveda. If you are unaware what it is, Ayurveda is an ancient system of life and medicine. It is used to heal people and has been in India for thousands of years. It uses minerals and naturally occurring substances to heal.

To get yourself a better insight; here are a few pieces we invite you to read.

This first link will introduce to Ayurveda and its benefits. The article is titled ‘Ayurvedic Massage- Ancient India’s Best Kept Secret’. It will reveal to you ayurveda’s therapeutic benefits, the elements it uses and the experience that one has while getting a massage session. This blog is must read before one sits down for a massage for the first time. You can read it here:

This second piece is the one titled ‘Top 16 Healing Ayurvedic Treatments for Total Body’ and is written by Deblina Biswas. She starts off by telling you what is ayurveda in her opinion and what benefits it has. The most essential part of her blog are the 16 ayurvedic treatments that she has listed with a brief summary of each one’s boons. Read here to know about them:

After knowing about the ayurvedic massages; if you are keen on experiencing one yourself, here are a few places in India which are famous for them. The article was published in Time of India and is called ’India’s 5 leading Ayurveda destinations’ The places that this blog describes are Kerala (one of the most famous ones), Uttrakhand, Goa, Udaipur. Read here to know where in these cities will you find a good place for it:

This blog is a personal experience account by Claire Salter who loves exploring the world and finding the under appreciated places in the world and showing them off. Her article is titled ’Experiencing an Ayurvedic Massage in Kerala’ under which she documents her experience with an ayurvedic massage at a village called Vythiri in Kerala, India. Read it here:

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