5 Best Cafes To Visit In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a quiet and beautiful city in the north of India. It is famous for its beauty, cleanliness, architecture and the food. Chandigarh is a food destination that will serve you the best authentic traditional cuisines to the best exotic ones. Here’s a list of 5 cafes that are a must visit once in Chandigarh.

The Willow Cafe

THe Willow Cafe is a personal space where one can relax while sipping a good cup of coffee. You can read, listen to music and just have your time. The ambience is warm and homely. It is a cafe with both Indian and International food options. The vegetarian menu is as tempting as the non vegetarian one. The cafe is reviewed to be moderately expensive. If nothing else, one can visit it for the desserts.

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Nik Baker’s

If you’ve known anyone from Chandigarh, you obviously have heard them talk about this one. Nik Baker’s is a name synonymous with the city. The place is as famous for its bakery items as it is for its coffee. The place offers fingerlicking cakes and pastries. They also serve good snacks from various cuisines. The service is rated pretty well too.

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Image Courtesy: Nik Baker’s

Casa Bella Vista

Casa Bella Vista is very famous for its ambience and rightly so as it is gorgeous to look at and spend time in. The cafe is most famous for its authentic Italian cuisine. The place serves good juices and appetizers too. Do look out the cafe for its desserts too.

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The Cafe @JW

This is JW Marriott Cafe and is more famous for its chefs than it is for anything else. The cafe has a great ambience and it one of the expensive ones. Having a breakfast in this cafe is a good option as they have a large spread. The cafe has great hospitality and service. The place is famous for its Indian and Asian food options.

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Indian Coffee House

Indian coffee house as described by a local is a tradition more than a cafe. The place is not fancy looking or has the best food but it is as old as the city itself. It is located in the heart of the city and it the best place to visit and surround yourself with locals and hear their stories. The filter coffee and the south indian food are the highlights. It is a humble and cheap place to eat and spend a little while.

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