Experience Kathakali - The Famous Storytelling Style of Classical Dance in Kerala

Colourful and bright costumes, bold makeup, bolder emotions and a spellbounding storyline is what I can say if you ask me to describe Kathakali in a single sentence.But since I have the luxury to describe it; here’s what I want you to know about it. Kathakali is one of the major and most popular classical dance forms of India. It is as much a dance form as it is an art of storytelling. It is an ancient art and holds within itself traditions and culture that goes back centuries. It is a dramatic expression of emotions that is expressed through a very neatly assembled combination of dance, drama, music, costumes and makeup. The acts usually adapt stories from hinduism. It also takes its references and learning from the Natya Shastra.Someone has beautifully mentioned that; ‘Kathakali brought humanity into Hinduism to express emotions that go beyond words. The temple rituals, first performed in secret, evolved into a vibrant drama that embraces the essence of what it is to be human.’ If you are still pretty curious about this dance form; here’s something that will make a very interesting read. The article is titled Dance of Kerala,The Entrance to God’s domain and is published by india travelz Read it yourself here; to know why this art form of kerala is also called The Dance Of Gods The article also takes you through lives of the artists associated with it. A line from the article is as follows. ‘Only men are allowed to be Kathakali actors. The training starts at the age of ten and the student stay with his guru for seven or eight years in order to learn from him how to master the basic techniques’ Read the full article here: http://indiatravelz.com/dance-of-kerala/