Emergency Services in India and How Trabug ensures your Safety

Following is a list of emergency helplines that work all over India. These numbers are provided by the Indian government. The important ones are as follows. If you are in an emergency of any sort while reading this, dial 112 immediately. Or else, find a suitable helpline from the list below. 112 All in one Emergency Number 1800-11-1363 Toll-free Tourist Helpline, Ministry of Tourism +91 9540161344 Air ambulance 100 Police 101 Fire 102 Ambulance 103 Traffic Police 1033 Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways 104 State level helpline for Health 181 Domestic abuse and sexual violence - Women’s Helpline 1071 Air Accident 1072 Train Accident 1073 Road Accident/ Traffic Helpline 08 Disaster Management 1090 Anti terror Helpline/ Alert All India 1091 Women in Distress 1092 Earthquake helpline service 1096 Natural Disaster Control room 1098 Child abuse hotine 1099 Central Accident and Trauma Services 1910 Blood bank Information 1904 Indian Army Help Line To locate emergency help on your Trabug phone, follow these steps:Locate ‘Stay Safe’ on the phone and select whatever emergency service you are looking for. The services range from nearest hospitals to nearest police stations to embassies to booking cab services to reach them immediately. Trabug is there for you in Emergency. Here’s how! Disclosure: The above information is true to the best of our knowledge It is subject to change with time/in varying situations. Customer Reviews“This is a great personal service.It’s true as an iPhone user the system is a little different , however the pairing facility means ,for most things I could use my iPhone.My suggestion is to get unlimited wifi as it’s a great deal.in hotels etc now they charge daily for wyfy use….. I was impressed with the coverage even in pretty remote areas ! The help was friendly and personal. The taxi service ola was superb and saved us hassle wiith being overcharged. No doubt get this service much better than faffing about with SIM cards! A great idea !”Robert WallisUnited KingdomTrabug Facebook Reviews