Delhi Vs Mumbai - What To Expect From Each For A Traveller

While both Mumbai and Delhi are pretty famous among tourists, they are as different as one can imagine them to be. One is the country’s very capital and the other the commercial capital. One is called the heart of India while the other the soul. Both have different cultures, different languages, different people and different appeals for the travellers. Listed below are some stark differences we could identify on the basis of the following: Culture & PeopleTo look at the cultural differences between these two metro cities, we would like to point out that Delhi was in the ancient times the Mughal capital and Mumbai the Maratha capital. Since then, Delhi is built like a circle and Mumbai like a grid.Whereas in today’s times, decorum is more of a sight in Mumbai only as Delhi is a little too careless about that and Mumbai is a little easy on women, but Delhi in that context has let people down. Mumbai can easily be in today’s time be inferred safer than Delhi in this aspect. In another aspect; Delhi has one of the finest colleges in the country and Mumbai; bollywood and dreams to sell.Talking about people; people in Mumbai are a little more tourist friendly than Delhi.Both the cities though, are pretty similar when you compare the hustle bustle.An extra tip - Do not miss a holi in delhi and a ganesh chaturthi in Mumbai! Time Mumbai as per most travelers requires around 2-3 days if you want to do only the touristy stuff. One can stay longer if one looks forward to exploring local markets, going to cafes, watching local cinema or go on to a few weekend getaways. Delhi requires only 2 days as per most travellers as people head to Agra next immediately but that too only covers the architecture and old monuments. To explore the heart of Delhi, one can visit cafes, bars, streets, old markets, take a metro ride, visit Delhi haat and that would take more than 2 days for sure.