All You Need To Know About Dehradun And Mussoorie

Dehradun and Mussoorie are gems in hiding when it comes to great destinations in India. Dehradun is a quiet and peaceful capital of the state of Uttarakhand and Mussoorie the very famous queen of hills. Both have their special magic to woo you. There’s a lot more to know, so read on! DehradunLet’s begin with knowing about Dehradun. This first pick is a blog by Nitish Kumar and is titled My First Hill Ride From Delhi To Dehradun And Mussoorie. The blog describes his journey, struggles and tips on the road trip from Delhi to Dehradun and then goes on describing his time in the city.The blog can be read here: https://nitishkumar.net/2014/07/27/my-first-hill-ride-from-delhi-to-dehradun-and-mussorie/#more-12430 The next one is by Travel Triangle and is titled 8 Places To Visit In Dehradun For An Incredible Trip. The blog introduces you to conventional and unconventional spots to explore for a traveller. The list comprises of monasteries, museums, waterfalls, caves and more.The blog can be read here:http://traveltriangle.com/blog/best-places-to-visit-in-dehradun/ MussoorieNext up is the queen of the hills, Mussoorie!

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