Must Have Street Food In India

India has food that is as colourful and varied as the country itself. One cannot have a complete India trip without trying the food that the locals swear by and that food isn’t available in the high end multi cuisine restaurants, it is the one that you find in the streets. The street food in India varies from place to place too but here are a few dishes that one MUST try! Below listed is an article by Aanchal Kandpal for ScoopWhoop with the title “15 Yummy Street Food Of India Everyone Must Try” that gives you a very varied list of foods that you should try if you are looking to try some of the street food options in India. The list included vegetarian and non vegetarian options with Chole Bhature, Aloo Tikki and Vada Pav leading the list.Read the article below for the full list of foods. Personal Tip: Do not go back without having the roadside Chai/Tea. https://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/street-food/ Trying food from the street can be tricky especially if you are an outsider in India and that is why here’s an article by blogger Rachel Jones on “15 Tips on Eating Street Food in India & Not Getting Sick” where she shares her experiences and tips with trying Street Food in India. Rachel is an American who is currently living in Goa, India and has a variety of useful tips for her fellow foreign travellers to India. The tips include taking care of the cleanliness, avoiding ice in drinks, preferring veg over non veg. Read her blog by clicking on the following link for more. https://hippie-inheels.com/tips-on-eating-street-food-in-india-not-sick/ Here’s another article with the title ‘A mini guide to Indian street food’ by blogger, Shalu Sharma from Bihar in India. According to her “Some dishes are specialties of certain regions, whereas other dishes are available pretty much universally, whether you are looking for vegetarian, non-vegetarian or seafood”. Check her blog to know her list of favourites, safety and famous places in India that offer great street food.https://travelwithkat.com/guide-to-indian-street-food-2/