The Essential Guide To Christmas And New Year In India

Christmas is to the world what Diwali is to India. India being a secular republic and very proudly so has a special place for each festival and for Christmas too. Christmas and New Year celebrations vary in the parts of the country but it won’t be wrong to mention that the spirits are definitely homogenous.
Here are few answers to the most widely asked questions that are where and how to celebrate Christmas and New Year in India.


To answer the wheres first, we have these three blogs picked out for you.

The first one is listed under the heading ‘Top 5 Places In India To Celebrate Christmas’ by Indiator. The blog lists Goa; Kolkata; Puducherry, Manali and Kerala. With each destination, it elaborates on the reasons as to why pick one over the other. Go through the link below to make a better choice for this 25th of December.

The second one is by holidify and is titled ‘17 Best New Year Destinations In India’ The article gives you a varied choice of 17 handpicked destinations in India to choose your ideal New Year place for the season. Goa, Puducherry ,Gokarna, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands top the list. Pick one after reading about the food, attractions and more in this blog.

If you’re one of those who think a Christmas isn’t a Christmas until it’s white, here’s a special pick for you alone. This article will tell you the Best spots to have snow filled Christmas and also includes the lesser known but very suitable destinations to have a great experience in India. Read on this link for more:


Moving onto the hows now!

This first blog titled ‘A Christmas In India’ by Alexander Lamont will take you on a journey and will help you have an insight on what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in India for a foreign national. The pictures and the personal touch to this blog will make you read it all at once and feel like you’ve heard it from a friend. He talks about exploring the portuguese roots of Goa and celebrating his Christmas there and then further moving on to exploring the lanes of New and Old Delhi and the good old Taj Mahal. This is a blog that in my humble opinion captures the essence of India for a traveller. Read yourself here:

This blog with the heading ‘How We Celebrate Christmas In India’ by Michelle Peters Jones takes you through her journey and celebration of Christmas in India. She is from a catholic indian family and therefore who else would describe the experience better than the native. She describes the rituals, the colours, the trees & the food. She even talks about the Christmas break and the Christmas Eve rituals of decoration the crib. And above anything else, she describes how like every festival elsewhere, Christmas is a beautiful time to snuggle with family and friends and how that transcends all cultures and boundaries.
Read her blog here;

Disclosure: None of the links mentioned above are sponsored. The information is true to the best of our knowledge/experience and is subject to change with time/in varying situations

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