Compare International Roaming plan by T mobile and Trabug for India

Are you planning to travel to India?

Before opting for an International Roaming Plan offered by T-Mobile, read this article. The information shared here will save you a lot of money and you can also travel across India without any hassle.

International roaming plans prove to be very expensive and getting a local Sim Card after arriving in India can take a lot of time unlike UK, US where tourists can get pre-activated SIM cards off the shelf.

You must be wondering what to do in such a situation. But don’t worry, there is a very elegant solution to this long standing problem.

Get Trabug!

Trabug is India’s First Travel Phone, specially designed for foreign travellers coming to India and it also comes with a 4G SIM card. You can avail this service on rental basis and save more than 70% on International roaming. Trabug delivers and picks up the Trabug Pack from anywhere in India and that too at no extra cost. So if you are landing in Delhi but leaving from Mumbai, you can still opt for Trabug.

Here is a quick comparison between T mobile’s International Roaming plans for India and what Trabug offers:

Table 1: T Mobile Postpaid International Roaming Rates

T Mobile
Data Charges$15 per MB
Text Message$0.50 per text
Talking$3.59 per minute

Table 2: T Mobile Postpaid International Roaming Rates and Trabug’s Flexi Plan

T MobileTRABUG (Flexi Plan)
Data charges 2000 MB$30000All in just $34.99 and a high-end Smartphone too.
Text Message (50)$25
Talking (125 minutes)$448.7

It is very clear from the above comparison that Trabug is more economical than T Mobile’s International Roaming Plan for Indiaand you can get Data (internet) across India, on the go, at cheaper rates.

So go book Trabug for your next visit to India.

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What Our Customer Has To Say

“I’ve been very very happy with it, thanks a lot. Much easier than getting a SIM in India, too much waiting and to much hassle. Also thanks for a great customer service, much appreciated! Will recommend Trabug to everyone travelling to India.”