Kerala Or Goa? Comparison Between The Party Capital And God’s Own Country

While both Kerala and Goa are pretty famous among tourists, they are as different as one can imagine them to be. One a western state and another a south indian; both have different cultures, different languages, different people and different appeals for the travellers.

Listed below are some stark differences we could identify on the basis of the following:


Goa has an international airport called the Dabolim Airport in the city Dabolim which is some 27 kilometres from Panaji i.e. the capital of Goa.
Kerala has not one but three major international airports that are; Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, Cochin International Airport and Kozhikode International Airport.


Goa as per most travelers requires around 4-6 days.
Kerala requires a little more; that is around 7 -9 days of your time.

Quality Of Beaches

Goa on one hand is usually an attractive place for beach lovers; Kerala on the other offers backwaters. Beaches in Kerala though are cleaner and much less crowded than Goa’s. Beaches in Goa are long stretches and the ones in Kerala short. You’ll find a shack culture in Goa but not one in Kerala

Food & Drinks

Food in Goa and Kerala is very unique to the states. Goa has more of a portuguese touch because of its evident history. Dishes to try in Goa are Sorpotel, Xacuti, Cafrea and other sea food delicacies where Kerala offers Sadhya, Puttu, Idiyappam with different dips.
Goa has cheap Alcohol whereas Kerala has a ban on alcohol. But you will find local liquors in both states.


Best time to travel Goa is in Indian winters that is from november onwards till february or in extreme summers that is around june and the following few months.
Best time to travel Kerala is usually in the monsoons that is July and August or from early winters to early summers that is october to march for pleasant cool weather.

Key Attractions

While Goa is for party people, beach lovers, honeymooners or backpackers, Kerala is more for the leisure loving, ayurveda, spa and massage demanding travelers. Goa has amazing night life with great beach side parties, open bars and cafes whereas Kerala offers more of wildlife experiences,nature admiration, houseboat experiences. Goa has tons of water sports and Kerala tons of houseboat cruising and trekking.


An average estimate for a Goa budget would be 4000-7000 rupees whereas an average budget for a kerala trip would be 7000-13000 rupees.

Therefore, these are few of the differences between these places that can help one prioritize one over another if required. Although, both the places are definitely worth the shot.

Disclosure: Budget estimates are per person and are subject to change depending on seasonal rates, the transportation used and the distance from hotel/hostels/residence. All other information is based on research and is subject to change in varying situations/ with time.

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Author: Jayati Gupta
A millennial who enjoys taking photographs & likes to write sometimes. She is fond of listening to stories and adores Shin Chan.