The Admirable Cuisine of Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir can rightly be described as heaven on earth because of its picturesque landscapes. But the beauty in this state is not just limited to its landscapes, the state has some lip smacking flavors to get you drooling. Here’s some information on the cuisine that is uniques, savoury and full of surprises.

The first blog is titled ‘18 Kashmiri Food Dishes That You Must Try’ by holidify is a list of 18 most famous dishes that one should try in Kashmir. The list has Rogan Josh, Yakhni,Modur Pulao among other must have dishes. Most of the options listed are non vegetarian. Read it here for the complete list.

The second pick is titled ‘Wazwan-The Heart And Soul Of Kashmiri Cuisine’ by blogger Bindiya. It will introduce you to Wazwan which is a multi course (mainly non vegetarian) Kashmiri meal which the kashmiris take pride in cooking and consider an art. Read this blog to know about the importance, the cooking procedures and the tradition from someone who has a deep knowledge on the subject.

This piece of writing called ‘The Kashmir Experience – Food and Travel by cafewanderlust is a personal experience penned down as a blog. It talks about the experience of travelling there, staying there and eating there. In the words of the writer while she was writing this she can so clearly recall every experience – sounds, smells and people. The blog will take you on a virtual journey and is definitely worth a read.

This last pick by kashmirbox will introduce to you the ingredients and the spices that make the kashmiri cuisine special. The saffron, tea and other special spices give the food its edge. The link also tells you about dry foods, the recipe of the kashmiri mushroom pulao, the famous noon chai, the street food each in an individual blog. Read this one to know almost everything.

Lastly, here’s a sneak peek into the amazing tradition of Wazwan.

Disclaimer: None of the links mentioned above are sponsored.

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Author: Jayati Gupta
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