To Patan & Modhera From Ahmedabad - A Day’s Trip & Back

Patan and Modhera are lesser known but very culturally attractive centres in Gujarat. They have extravagant architecture and the essence of the traditional Gujarat. The places are centuries old and store a lot of spellbounding visions and stories.


Distance from Ahmedabad: 125 kms
Time required to reach: Approximately 3 hours
Best time to visit: March to September
Suggested mode of transport: By Road ( A Bus, Car)

Patan was found before the Solanki dynasty and was attacked by the Delhi sultanate.
Patan is still historically significant as some famous monuments still survived. Patan is very famous for the Rani ki Vav which is an underground stepwell. The intricately designed building attracts tourists. The designs are mostly of Gods and Goddesses. The Rani Ki Vav was built by Udaymati in memory of her husband, Bhima I and completed by Udyamati and Karna. Rani ki vav stepwell is also the oldest and the deepest among the 120 other stepwells in Gujarat.
Patan is also additionally famous for its ‘patan na patola’ which is basically a hand weaved silk saree and is very costly because of the hard work that goes into making them.
As per wikipedia ‘There are only two families making patola sarees. They don’t teach this art to other family members. Only their sons are eligible to learn.’
There are other places of worship in the city to explore too. Some of them being, Jagannath Temple, Ramji Mandir, Sai Baba mandir, Sheikh Farid no Rojo and more.


Distance from Ahmedabad: 98 kms
Distance from Patan: 34 kms
Time required to reach from Ahmedabad : Approximately 2 hours, 10 mins
Time required to reach from Patan: Approximately 40 mins
Best time to visit: March to September
Suggested mode of transport: By Road ( Bus, Car)

Modhera was built when the Solanki Dynasty ruled and it is during that time that the architecture in Gujarat was at its best front. The town lies in Mehsana district is located on the bank of river Pushpavati.
As per Wikipedia ‘The town was known as Dharmaranya during Puranic age. It is believed that Lord Rama had performed yagna here to cleanse the sin of killing Brahmin Ravana. He had built Modherak which was later known as Modhera’
The most famous attraction for tourists in Modhera is the Sun Temple as it is very carefully carved and sculpted. Gyaneshwari stepwell is another lesser known monument in Modhera. Modhera also hosts a famous dance festival in January to look out for. The festival celebrates dance, music, art and culture in all its glory. The festival celebrates culmination of the festival of Uttarayan and lasts about 3 days. The festival is an ideal opportunity to experience the culture and celebration closely.

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