India's First Travel Phone comes Calling! -

India’s first travel phone comes calling!

Sunali Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Trabug, talks about a phone designed to facilitate easy communication for foreign travellers in India based on their travel duration and budgets.

Trabug is India’s first travel phone that is designed to comply with Indian mobile networks all over the country. It helps one save over 70% of international roaming costs by enabling a local mobile connection with a compatible smartphone. A Trabug pack will be delivered to the guest at the hotel or place of stay upon arrival in India and upon departure, it will be picked up at no additional cost.

“Trabug is a first-of-its-kind product in India that we have built and are getting great reviews from our customers,” begins its Co-Founder Sunali Aggarwal, while talking about how the phone has been designed to assist foreign travellers.

“We have also added various important contacts like police, hospitals and embassies. You can tap on the device and get to create a hotspot and use internet on other devices. We also help travellers to exchange currency which is done via our Forex partners. Travellers can order currency via the phone and can be delivered to their doorstep.”

“In a span of just three months, we have catered to over 100 tourists. This shows that our product is useful and relevant for tourists who prefer to travel on their own without a guide or an agency. We want foreigners to get services and products at fair rates.

The platform in the future will also allow travellers to book event tickets, day tours and much more. Since we intend to curate content for them they would have an option from selecting only the best and most relevant options. We want to also focus on optimizing a traveller’s spend per day and obviously the end objective to attract and encourage more tourists to come to India.”


Trabug markets itself via both online and offline channels. It intends to reach out to independent travellers and aims to serve more than 5000 tourists by the end of this year, besides hoping to raise funds to help it scale within India and to other countries. “We are primarily focusing on online marketing; we are active on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have tied up with privately owned hotels, BnB’s, guesthouses and travel agencies who are focusing on inbound travellers. We are partnering with embassies who host delegates of their respective countries. Medical tourism has been on a rise in India; so we are in talks with various agencies who coordinate on behalf of patients, with hospitals and also manage their stay and transport.”

In the next three months, Trabug plans to add a lot more features to the phone and plans to launch in many other countries.

Review from a happy customer

“All is well - thanks for the wonderful customer service. The phones made things very convenient! You deserve son every positive comments and I hope your business grows and has lots of success!”