Jaipur Or Udaipur? The Pink City Vs The Venice of East

Jaipur and Udaipur are both pretty much favourites of travellers to India because of the historic significance and the cultural grandeur.
The question though, still always arises as to what should be the first preference.
Listed below are a few read that will help you know both the places in detail and compare the with ease.

What’s Udaipur All About

The following blog titled ‘Udaipur in Rajasthan (India) | The City of Lakes and compelling saga of Mewar Royal House’ by Sushmita Sarkar was published recently and gives wholesome perspective on Udaipur. In her blog she talks about the lakes, the light and sound shows and how trustworthy they are. You will find ticket prices in there too.
According to her, the best part of visiting the Sajjangarh fort is the view from the top. The time advised to visit Udaipur is winters. Check this link to explore her experience and get to know udaipur.


An add on read on Udaipur ( A personal account by the author)


What’s Jaipur All About

In Sandeepa Chetan’s blog ‘Jaipur in 24 hours: A super short visit’ they describe a day spent in Jaipur. They cover the monuments like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort and the famous temples and her experience at each place along with the history. They also describe how it was to spend ‘Diwali’ in Jaipur. The blog also lets you know the places you can head to from Jaipur. You’ll also find information about food as they describe their experience with Dal Bati Churma, Kair Sangri and Gatte ki Sabzi. Check the link below to read yourself.

An add on read on Jaipur: https://blog.ihg.com/ultimate-guide-visiting-jaipur

Jaipur Or Udaipur- Comparison

After reading the above; here are a few differences we could identify:

  • Jaipur is more crowded than Udaipur as it is a commercial city.
  • Udaipur has more of lakes and Jaipur has more of monuments
  • Udaipur has a better shopping experience to offer as Jaipur is a little more overpriced.
  • Udaipur is more foreign tourist friendly than Jaipur is as it has international food available and the guides speak multiple languages.
  • Udaipur has famous cultural shows and Jaipur has lesser authentic light and sound shows.
  • Udaipur has a better cafes than Jaipur
  • Museums in Jaipur are better whereas the palaces in Udaipur are better.

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Author: Jayati Gupta
A millennial who enjoys taking photographs & likes to write sometimes. She is fond of listening to stories and adores Shin Chan.