8 Reasons Why India Should Be On Your Travel Map

From the ancient times to today, India has always attracted travelers Travelers that are of different age groups, different ethnicities, with different outlooks on life and with their unique expectations and aims for their trip here. India is a land of colour and culture. It has the history and the modern blend of technology forming an amalgamation seen no where else in the world.

And anyway, it’s not like one needs an excuse to visit this charming country, but if you still want to hear it from someone else, here are some reasons we can give to make up your mind.

  1. The Taj Mahal - It is one of the seven wonders, the ultimate symbol of love, the most famous building in the world and a gorgeous exhibitor of the Indian ancient architecture. Reason enough, right?

Image Courtesy: Jayati Gupta

Need more? Okay.

  1. The Food - If you already have tried it, you obviously know that no one does spices, curry, sweets and butter chicken like the Indians. And if you haven’t, let me tell you these are just the starters. India has unique tastes in every different state. Food so yum and so varied, one would never have to eat the same thing twice if they wish, all along their time here. Also, the chai! The best chai (tea) in the world ever is the one you find in India.
  1. The Palaces - India has been a rich land with kings and their kingdoms. It has an interesting history and you can be a part of it let alone only witness it. You can closely visit all the grand palaces and even get to live in some. Once in a lifetime offer, isn’t it?

Not convinced yet? Keep going, the list gets better and better.

  1. The Wildlife - India is home to an amazing number of national parks, sanctuaries and bio reserves each holding within them a number of species that are breathtaking, rare and exotic.
  1. The Art - India has a unique attraction for the art lovers. The country holds centuries old art within its boundaries. The leftovers of the indus valley civilization, the caves of ajanta, the khajuraho temples, each have their unique tail to tell.
  1. Religion,Yoga and Spirituality - The cradle of many civilizations and the nurturer of many religions, this land is secular in a way no other can be. With numerous religions and beliefs, India welcomes the world to come breathe the air that has spirituality diffused in it. Yoga having a global recognition now, it definitely is a dream for the yoga lovers to witness the place of origin.
  1. Colours,Culture and Tradition - India is getting at the front of the globe now but it still has its roots very firmly held by the unique traditions and the culture. India has a strong culture that differs all throughout the country but shares the same spirit. It is believed that the beauty of India lies in the fact that people here have agreed on how to disagree.

If you already aren’t convinced, here’s a last point I present that should convince you completely.

  1. The People - India’s beauty, its culture, it’s tradition and the spirit is nothing without the Indians who are rightfully the nation themselves. People in India will always welcome you into their homes, make you sit with their children and grandparents, tell you the family stories, feed you home cooked food and always bid you goodbyes with their blessing. Such are the people, and such is the country; warm, welcoming and always etching for itself an irreplaceable place in you heart.

And if this hasn’t convinced you yet, I can’t think of anything that will.

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