Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Trabug has now served tourists and travellers from all over the world. We understand what you might need while travelling and aim to give you a hassle free experience so that you can just - travel! Addressing the pain points of independent travellers, Trabug has made it’s way in to their hearts. We are sharing some of the reviews given by our customers:

Just got back from a 49 day trip around India with my Trabug mobile phone. An exemplary service which was faultless.
All emails and questions prior to arrival were answered promptly. The phone was waiting for us on arrival at our hotel as promised. The hotspot was invaluable for receiving emails on my own phone and the google map facility brilliant for those long train journeys and knowing which stop was ours!
I would highly recommend this service as it’s so hassle free and reliable.

Kay Edwards - United Kingdom

Thanks for the wonderful customer service.
The phones made things very convenient!
You deserve every positive comments and I hope your business grows and has lots of success!

Amol Dev - USA

Thank you again for the great service.
Patrick Robinson - United Kingdom

Thank you for the excellent service and support during the last two weeks. I really really appreciate it. You guys made my stay so fantastic.
Aditi Mukherjee - USA

it was very helpful and the handling was quite easy. I like the idea behind this and think, that this is the perfect solution for tourists, not just in India.
Astrid Wonner - Germany

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Thank you for the excellent service.
Jochen Locke - Germany

Clearly the service is great, you’ve been very helpful and always available.
It is very practical to receive the phone at our arrival at the hotel and send it back the same way.

Sylvain - France

I thought your service was very good and efficient and I will be sure to recommend it to my friends and colleagues. My only feedback would be that I think it would be a good idea for you to supply a cover with the phone as it does have a tendency to get scratched whilst being in a bag, etc. It might help your products stay newer for longer!
All the best with your venture.

Cherry Jordan - USA

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