Why you need a portable wifi hotspot in India?

In India, there are a lot of cafes & restaurants which offer free wifi but mostly at low speeds and that tends to obstruct smooth internet surfing and does not let you apps that require decent data capacity (Apps like Facebook, Instagram). Most cities in India unfortunately, do not have wifi zones. Therefore to use the Internet; you remain dependent and confined to your hotel rooms or cafes and restaurants. The whole hassle of connectivity just sucks up the chill. Do what you are really here to do - Travel! And leave the rest to Trabug. What is Trabug exactly?Trabug started as India’s First Travel Phone that catered to all the needs of a foreigner travelling to India but has now also ventured into a pocket wifi device. The Pocket Wifi Device:This is a small convenient pocket sized device that you can rent at $2.49 a day. The device gives you access to high speed internet (4G) and lets you connect upto 10 devices. It is handy and lasts upto 6 hours after a full charge. It can be charged again using a regular USB cable. It also comes with a companion app for monitoring and settings.


Goa: The Portuguese Shangri-La

Goa is not a place that you visit only once in your life. History comes alive in Panjim, the state capital, known as the ‘Rome of the East’. With unique culture and great natural beauty, Goa truly has something for everyone. Beaches and Adventure Sports Although North Goa get all the attention, if you are looking for some privacy, hit the beaches in the South. Utorda and Arossim Beach in the South are sure to relax you. When you want to party, North Goa is the place to be. Hit the Anjuna, Calangute and Baga beaches and find people having the time of their life. Time to let your hair down and PARTY! Indulge in water sports like scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides. These are offered at almost all the beaches and are good fun. To make the most of your Goa holiday, book your room at a beachside hotel. Spicy Sights Visit a spice plantation in Goa


Chandigarh: The City Beautiful

The face of modern India, Chandigarh, was a dream of Jawahar Lal Nehru (the first Prime Minister of India)—brought to life by the famous French architect, Le Corbusier. Chandigarh is a rare example of modernization co-existing with nature. One of India’s greenest cities, known internationally for it’s architecture and urban design—Chandigarh is also known as “The City Beautiful”. In 2015, an article published by the BBC praised it as an “ideal city”. Capitol ComplexChandigarh’s Capitol Complex, an example of the city’s striking architecture, was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. “Capitol Complex” Rock GardenA sculpture park built completely of industrial and home waste—the “Rock Garden” in Chandigarh is a very popular attraction. “The Rock Garden”


Jaipur: City Royale

The capital of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur offers nostalgia for the past on the busy streets of its present. Home to majestic palaces, grand forts and architectural wonders, Jaipur is a city like none other. The Pink City, as Jaipur is often called, is visited by tourists almost all year round. A Jaipur itinerary is made up attractions like Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, the City Palace and Sisodia Rani Garden. It is also quite popular for handicrafts, jewellery and it’s food—an interesting mix of savouries and sweets. Things to do “Amber Fort” The Chokhi Dhani Village, a one-of-a-kind theme park, is a complete family destination. There are many entertainment activities available, including camel and horse rides, folk dance shows, puppet shows, fire acts and various games. It is also renowned for it’s mouth watering Rajasthani food served with gusto on leaf platters. “Chokhi Dhani” The Jaipur Literature festival, the world’s largest literature festival, is quite famous amongst book lovers around the globe. Typically held in January at the Diggi Palace, the 5-day festival gives people around the world a fascinating insight into Rajasthan’s cultural heritage.


20 Razones para elegir Trabug

!Hablemos de esto ahora mismo! 1. Ahorra y no pagues cargos de Roaming internacional Mientras viajas en la India, querrás mantenerte en contacto con tus familiares y amigos en tu país. Es probable que también quieras contactar a otros viajeros que conozcas en el camino o quizás necesites contactar a empresas locales de servicios. Al utilizar servicios de roaming internacional de tu proveedor de telefonía puede ser tan costoso como los cargos por el Roaming de datos internacional o global que cargan a tu cuenta ya que tu operadora tiene enlace con otras que te brindan el servicio en su nombre, por ende el costo adicional. Trabug es una gran solución para extranjeros, especialmente para personas de Estados Unidos o Inglaterra que viajan a la India y tienen que pagar altos costos por Roaming al usar sus teléfonos celulares mientras viajan. Para las personas de Estados Unidos, tenemos más información sobre esto en nuestro artículo ¿Cómo evitar cargos por Roaming de datos internacional? Encuéntralo aqui:https://www.trabug.com/blog/Data-Roaming-Charges-in-the-USA/ Y encuentra más información aquí: Trabug te ayuda a economizar un 70% más que al usar roaming internacional. 2. Comprarte un teléfono celular Android.Es muy probable que tú teléfono celular no funcione en la India debido al problema de la compatibilidad de la banda ancha.Para permanecer conectado, tal vez tengas que adquirir un nuevo celular que sea compatible o incluso es probable que tengas que pagar cargos de telefonía en el extranjero. Trabug soluciona este problema al alquilar teléfonos móviles compatibles, cuyo costo va incluido en tu plan del servicio que escojas. No hay cargos escondidos o adicionales al usar este teléfono en el extranjero. Para tu conveniencia hemos reemplazado la interfaz nativa del celular con nuestra descomplicada interfaz.


20 Reasons Why You Should Get Trabug

Let’s get into this right away! 1. Save on International Roaming Charges While traveling to India, you will want to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. You might also want to contact fellow travelers whom you met along the way or reach out to any local services. Using the international roaming services of your mobile provider can prove to be quite expensive as International data roaming charges or global roaming charges are incurred because your network operator has a tie up with other network operators that give you services on their behalf and hence the cost extra.Trabug is a great solution for foreigners, especially for people from USA, UK who are travelling to India and have high internet roaming charges because of using phone overseas while travelling. For the people in USA, we elaborate more on this in our article ‘How to avoid International Data Roaming Charges outside of the USA?Find it here: https://www.trabug.com/blog/Data-Roaming-Charges-in-the-USA/ And know more about it here: Trabug helps you save more than 70% on international roaming. 2. Get an Android Mobile PhoneWhile you are travelling to India, there is a high possibility that your mobile will not work in India due to the bandwidth compatibility issue. To stay connected, you may have to buy a new, compatible mobile phone or even pay mobile charges abroad. Trabug plugs this gap by renting a compatible smartphone to you, the cost of which is bundled with your service plan. No separate or hidden costs in using mobile overseas. We have replaced the native smartphone interface with our super-easy interface for your convenience. 3. Or a Pocket Wifi Hotspot Device

¿Por qué necesitas un punto de acceso wifi portátil en la India?

En la India, hay muchos cafés y restaurantes que ofrecen wifi gratuito, pero la mayoría a baja velocidad y que tienden a obstruir la navegación y no permiten aplicaciones que requieran una capacidad de datos decente (aplicaciones como Facebook, Instagram). La mayoría de las ciudades de la India, desafortunadamente, no cuentan con zonas wifi. Por lo tanto, para utilizar Internet, usted sigue siendo dependiente y confinado a sus habitaciones de hotel, cafés o restaurantes. Toda la molestia de la conectividad acaba por absorberlo. Haga lo que realmente está aquí para hacer - Viaje! Y deje el resto a Trabug. ¿Qué es Trabug exactamente?Trabug comenzó como el primer teléfono de viaje de la India que satisfizo todas las necesidades de un extranjero que visitaba al país, pero ahora Trabug también se ha aventurado en un dispositivo wifi de bolsillo. El dispositivo Wifi de bolsillo:Este es un pequeño y conveniente dispositivo de bolsillo que se puede alquilar por $2.49 al día. El dispositivo le da acceso a Internet de alta velocidad (4G) y le permite conectar hasta 10 dispositivos. Es práctico y dura hasta 6 horas después de una carga completa. Se puede cargar de nuevo utilizando un cable USB normal. Viene con una aplicación complementaria.


13 Royal Hotels In India that were Palaces

After India gained Independence, several royal families living in their palaces started selling off or leasing their property to hotel chains in order to earn a living since monarchy was on its way out.Read More Stay connected across India.Getting an e-Visa will also help you to get Trabug.Trabug is a unique solution. It provides you a high-end smartphone and 4G SIM card with unlimited data. All the information about localised services is preloaded and it is delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India. For a better travelling experience get Trabug. Review from a happy customer “I recently used Trabug during my stay in India. I was impressed by the quality of service provided. The staff was very professional and helpful. They answered every question I had literally within minutes. And the phone/internet service they provided was very fast and reliable. I experienced no glitches whatsoever. For me it’s the perfect solution for travelers to India. The phone they provided had some very helpful apps for travelers. Thanks again for the great experience! I will use it again in the future.” Thomas Kleinschmidt Germany You might also want to read these: Comparison of costs of Medical treatments in USA and India Goa: The Portuguese Shangri-La 20 reasons why you should get TrabugTrabug Facebook Reviews