How to Call a Cab from your Trabug Phone

Our Product And Its SpecificationsTrabug is India’s first custom made travel smartphone that helps people visiting India have a hassle free stay. Trabug comes with an inbuilt 4G sim card that saves the customer pain from having to buy a local sim. The phone is new, with a 5 inch high resolution screen and a long battery life. You could get the phone delivered in Delhi and have it picked up in Mumbai or for that matter, anywhere in the country. Trabug Smartphone has a bunch of services preloaded on the phone that include; cab bookings, top up recharge, shopping and eating suggestions, emergency services, foreign exchange services, embassy information all just a tap away. Procedure to book a cab is as follows: Locate ‘services’ on your Trabug phone. Select the ‘Get a Cab’ option. You will be directed to the cab booking application ‘Ola’ where you can quickly sign up or sign in. It will locate you using your GPS, find the nearest ride. You book the cab after you see the estimated time to arrive and the driver will contact you. The details of the driver and the cab are visible as soon as you book a cab. The app lets you pay through cash, card or ola money. Check the video out for more.ß Customer Reviews “I had a great experience with Trabug. I would recommend it to a friend for sure–in fact, I already have! The first phone they gave me didn’t work well at all–I think it was defective. However, they quickly replaced it (went out of their way to deliver it), and once they did, everything was smooth sailing. The phone wasn’t high-end, but functional (I’m an iphone user though, so i think I’m spoiled). It’s very helpful to have a wireless hot spot when traveling in india because wifi is not very available. The phone Trabug gave me was AWESOME for that, since cell service is good pretty much throughout Northern india where I traveled. I was even able to make FaceTime audio calls (and sometimes video) home to my loved ones in the states from everywhere–hotel rooms, buses, walking down the street etc. Plus, being able to use my personal iPhone was great, since the android given wasn’t super high end (touches not as responsive, etc.). PLUS: The price is very much worth it, especially with the service. And at the end, they picked up the phone from the hostel where i stayed my last night. All i had to do was give them the address, and leave it in the hostel lock box in the provided Trabug envelope. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Alan Ashbaugh U.S.A.