How to avoid International Data Roaming Charges outside of the USA?

Can you live without internet? I mean, literally yes, but figuratively no, right?And are you used to having handy mobile phone data? I am sure, yes. Since, you are most likely visiting this on your phone or even maybe a laptop or an Ipad, I am sure you agree that it has sort of become necessary to have internet with you at all times. And while travelling, well let’s just insert a heavier word that is a synonym for necessity. Now, when you pay for these internet charges at your home country, you incur charges that are fixed. But when you step outside of your state and especially of your country, these charges become nebulous and start eating your pocket little by little without you knowing. This is probably where you ask the question ‘What is Data Roaming’?Data Roaming is the usage of your data service when you step outside of the boundaries of your telecom operator’s network coverage area. It is charged both domestically and internationally. International data roaming charges or global roaming charges are incurred because your network operator has a tie up with other network operators that give you services on their behalf and hence the cost extra. How Does Data Roaming Work?Once you are outside your telecom operator’s network coverage area; any action that involves the usage of your phone data (when not using any WiFi) will incur charges. These charges are incurred as your telecom operator ties up with international telecom operators to facilitate your activity outside your home network operators’ area and hence that costs more. These are the charges that are technically referred to as interconnect charges. So, whether it is sending that mail you started to write last night or trying to look for navigation, you will be charged for everything.