Most Tourist Friendly Destinations In India - Part 1

India is a land that has given curiosity to too many people. It is one of hotspots for the traveler maps and is a retreat spot for the spiritual ones. People come to this country for various purposes and with various people, some solo, some with families, some with friends and some with strangers. Whatever the reason might be, a traveler stays a traveler and that’s where one needs to understand the priority of security. Therefore, in order to help you decide easily, here are the most tourist friendly destinations handpicked for you.
The destinations listed are chosen on the basis that they fulfill the following things; or few; or a combination of a few; Cleanliness, Food options, Emergency Services, Staying Options, Safety for Solo Female Travellers, Cultural appeal and Honesty To The Tourist/ Traveller.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand : It is apart of Dehradun district. This place has great north indian food & is safe for women. It has great weather too that lets you enjoy spiritual bliss. It also offers a wide variety of watersports and is relatively a cleaner city. Mussoorie, Dehradun, Haridwar are very close by and can be visited by road. The place is also known as the Yoga Capital Of The World and would definitely interest fitness freaks. The city has a lot of cheap places to stay and eat at. There are various camps that one can visit that range from adventure camps like rafting to spiritual camps for meditation.As per people’s experience, locals in Rishikesh are friendly and helpful.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat : This city is culturally diverse and has an amazing authentic cuisine. It lies in one of the safest states in the country. It is modern and old and has historic significance. The hotels are available but one is suggested to prior book. The state has n real night culture but is amazing to visit during Navratri in October or September. This city has good healthcare facilities as well. It has a good and affordable transport system. Ahemdabad is famous for its cotton and textile market so shop while you can! Gandhi Ashram is sure spot if you are Ahmedabad.

Udaipur, Rajasthan : This destination is a hub if you want the cultural bit and the grandeur.. A small city with old architecture and rich heritage. Offers a lot to shop, eat and explore. Numerous lakes are an addition. The city is filled with people from all over the world all throughout the year, so make sure to have prior arrangements. Visiting during winters is advised that is from October onwards to February. The place has a lot of cheap and affordable eating places and a lot of auto drivers, cafe managers and spa people know foreign languages. Be aware of fraud tourist guides or photographers though.

Hampi, Karnataka : Labelled as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, it is place of great interest. Beautiful architecture and good weather make the stay worthwhile. It is not too crowded and lets you have things at your pace. Prefer to reach there by train as it is more convenient that planes or by car if you are in Bangalore. The best way to travel in the city is to rent a bike. The city offers very effective and super affordable ayurvedic treatments. There is a good variety of wildlife too. Carry cash as to find working ATMs in Hampi is a task.

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Disclosure: The information is true to the best of our knowledge/experience and is subject to change with time/in varying situations.

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