Visit India in October and Indulge in the Festival Mood

When’s the most wonderful time of the year to visit India? Right now! The period from October-March is when India cools down – literally.

Most of the country experiences mild and dry weather at this time of year. Although the Northern and Eastern parts of the country can see some intense cold and fog in December and January, the South and the West enjoy warm days and pleasant evenings.

Between October and February, India celebrates one festival after another. October begins with a national holiday – Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, on the 2nd of the month.


The festive season proper begins with the Ramleela – the story of Lord Ram, which is enacted by local performers all over India from mid-September till mid-October. One of the oldest and most well-known Ramleelas has been running near the city of Varanasi for centuries – in Ramnagar, on the banks of the River Ganges. Make a plan to immerse yourself in the magic of the Ramleela right HERE.

RamLeela in India

Navratri, is a nine-day festival that celebrates the Mother Goddess in all her avatars and manifestations, in the form of Ma Durga, Ma Lakshmi and Ma Saraswati.

Dussehra in India

The festival is observed by devout Hindus all over India, who abstain from alcohol and avoid non-vegetarian food during this period. Some people fast during the daytime and then feast after sunset. On the tenth day, the festival ends with Dussehra – a day which celebrates the victory of good over evil. On this day, Lord Ram is said to have slain the evil demon king Ravana. Giant effigies of Ravana and his brothers are burnt, and firecrackers are burst.

Festival Food

Indian Food

All of Northern India, including the capital, New Delhi, is decorated with lights during the Diwali season. Restaurants offer delicious festival food items, so be prepared to spend a few rupees and gain a lot of calories.

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Durga Pooja

Durga Puja is celebrated in the state of West Bengal in the honour of Goddess Durga from the sixth till the tenth day of the navratri period. The main essence of the festival is the victory of the Goddess over the evil Buffalo Demon, epitomising the victory of Good over Evil. People throng the streets in their millions to see displayed statues of the Goddess – a sight which no foreign visitor to India should miss.

DurgaPuja in India

On the last day of the festival, these statues are paraded around the whole city before being immersed in river water.

Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal, is where the fervor of this festival is at its peak. Plan a trip to the City of Joy today with Trabug.

Karva Chauth

Another North Indian festival observed during this period is Karva Chauth – an observance wherein married women fast for their husbands’ long life and safety. The women go without food and water for the whole day, apply henna on their hands, and dress up. You can skip the fasting and simply choose to get some colourful designs painted on your hands.

Henna in India


And then comes Diwali – the festival of lights. Diwali is the largest Hindu festival in India. It celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama and his wife Sita after the slaying of the demon king Ravana. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, hope over despair, and knowledge over ignorance.

The rituals extend over a few days wherein people start cleaning their homes and get them freshly painted and further decorate their houses with flowers.

Diwali in India

On the night of Diwali, people wear new clothes and offer prayers for prosperity. Sweets are then consumed, gifts are exchanged, and there are firecrackers galore. Diwali is celebrated enthusiastically all over the country, so wherever you are, you will be a part of the celebration.

Indian Sweets


And then of course, there’s Christmas. Every major city in India celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a big way, so you won’t feel too homesick. Make your plans for the 25th and 31st of December right HERE.

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