Why you need a portable wifi hotspot in India?

In India, there are a lot of cafes & restaurants which offer free wifi but mostly at low speeds and that tends to obstruct smooth internet surfing and does not let you apps that require decent data capacity (Apps like Facebook, Instagram).

Most cities in India unfortunately, do not have wifi zones.

Therefore to use the Internet; you remain dependent and confined to your hotel rooms or cafes and restaurants. The whole hassle of connectivity just sucks up the chill.

Do what you are really here to do - Travel! And leave the rest to Trabug.

What is Trabug exactly?

Trabug started as India’s First Travel Phone that catered to all the needs of a foreigner travelling to India but has now also ventured into a pocket wifi device.

The Pocket Wifi Device:

This is a small convenient pocket sized device that you can rent at $2.49 a day. The device gives you access to high speed internet (4G) and lets you connect upto 10 devices. It is handy and lasts upto 6 hours after a full charge. It can be charged again using a regular USB cable. It also comes with a companion app for monitoring and settings.

The Phone:

Trabug is an Android smartphone which comes with a 4G SIM card and saves you the hassle of purchasing a SIM card. This is awesome because in India, to purchase a SIM card sometimes takes up to days altogether and the formalities are as long as 7 steps. The plans offered on the phone can be viewed on the site. There’s a good variety to choose from but not too much to confuse you either. International roaming costs for other service providers are generally high whereas the international roaming costs almost and even less than $3.99 a day for people who stay for longer durations. Therefore, Trabug definitely saves you both time and money.

Why is it worth it?

The phone is pretty attractive with its 5-inch high-resolution screen and comes in a lovely packaging. The battery is pretty long lasting which too, is honestly a life saver.

The phone is at a rental cost of $2.99 dollar per day. The phone is delivered at your hotel/hostel and is picked up from whatever place you leave it at. For e.g. It can be ordered in Delhi and left for return at Mumbai.

Features It Has

The phone comes with reliable information about places to visit, eat, stay at, it is like a guide to new places. To book a cab with a preinstalled Uber/Ola app.The internet plans too are amazing as while booking a cab or going through the social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype, IRCTC App, Google Maps, all come preinstalled), there’s hardly any lag and one can create a hotspot from the Trabug phone and connect as many as 5 devices. So, no Internet hassles for the iPad or the laptop or a personal phone. The phone is very helpful with the audio tour and currency exchange services too.

One can even use personal services on the phone without getting concerned as you get to checkout and wipe off all the personal data once you are ready to return it. So check your private mails, click silly duckface selfies, scroll through Facebook all without any worry!

Another important service is that one can access the emergency information about police, hospitals, embassies, based on location anytime anywhere.

So, Trabug gets you

  1. 1 GB Data everyday. You can get more data on request.
  2. Personal wifi password so no one else can use it
  3. Hotspot Connectivity upto 5 devices
  4. Calling (International and Domestic).
  5. Specially Curated Content
  6. Emergency Services

For pricing, plans and more information: visit https://www.trabug.com/pricing/

For more information about Trabug’s requirements, visit our FAQ Page

Here’s what it looks like;

What Our Customer Has to Say

“What an amazing service! The phone was waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived, easy to set up, excellent coverage everywhere I went, and easy to return by simply leaving at my last hotel. Paying was easy, and I received my deposit back immediately. Trabug should be in every country! “

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