You can now Compare the cost of Medical Treatment in India & USA

Medical procedureUSAIndia
Heart Bypass$123,000$7,900
Heart Valve Replacement$170,000$9,500
Hip Replacement$40,364$7,200
Hip Resurfacing$28,000$9,700
Knee Replacement$35,000$6,600
Spinal Fusion$110,000$10,300
Dental Implant$2,500$900
Lap Band$14,000$7,300
Gastric Sleeve$16,500$6,000
Gastric Bypass$25,000$7,000
Breast Implants$6,400$3,000
Face Lift$11,000$3,500
Tummy Tuck$8,000$3,500
IVF Treatment$12,400$2,500

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