You Should Know the Protected/Restricted area permit India (PAP/RAP)


The foreigners(protected area) act requires the non-Indian citizen to obtain a Protected area permit(PAP) to visit certain areas in India. Certain requirements have to be fulfilled to get this permit.

The protected areas are as follows:

  1. Whole state of



  2. Some parts of state of




    Jammu and kashmir


    Himachal pradesh

General PAP requirements:

  1. Travel with a registered travel agent.
  2. Travel in a group of 2 at least

The PAP has a duration of 10 days, with and an option of extending it for another 7 days. Normally the travel agent you have hired will take care of the PAP.

In addition, Restricted Area Permit(RAP) is required by non-Indian citizens to visit the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar islands and parts of the state of Sikkim.

The power to issue this permit vests with the Ministry of Home Affairs. Such restrictions are imposed due to security reasons.

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