1. What is Trabug?

Trabug is India’s first Travel Phone aimed to give travellers a smooth and hassle free experience when visiting India. For travellers who only need an Internet connection, we also have the option to rent a WiFi Hotspot.

The Trabug pack contains a Travel Phone or WiFi Hotspot (your choice). Bundled with the device is a SIM card with 4G data and, in the case of the Travel Phone, voice minutes. The device is made available to you for rental only and will be delivered and picked up from most locations within India for a flat fee.

We can't assure you that you will get a new device, but it will definitely be in proper working condition.

Trabug can only provide devices to customers who have an Indian e-Visa. If you haven't applied for one yet, you may visit the Government of India e-Visa portal.

Any other VISA type holder is ineligible (including VISA on arrival or OCI/PIO card holders) and we are constrained to cancel such orders. In such case, cancellation charges may apply as per our cancellation policy.

If you have applied for or have an approved e-Visa, then the only document required is a clear scan (or photo) of your Passport ID pages. Please ensure that the image is sharp, the sides are not cut off and that all corners of the pages are visible.

As per regulatory guidelines, the SIM will not be pre-activated. The device will guide you through the simple activation steps and you should be up and running in no time.

The Trabug pack will be delivered to a hotel address or any alternate address on your rental start day. We deliver anywhere within India and will provide a shipment tracking link once we send the pack.

You'll need the return bag provided with the Trabug pack—so please take care of it! On your rental end date, just put the device and accessories back into the box and then seal it up in the return bag. Leave it at your Hotel reception (or any other alternate location) and we will have it picked up. No extra charge!

The phone may get picked up between 24 and 72 hours after you have departed.

At Trabug, our goal is to make travel easy. We have curated the best places to eat, shop or explore and integrated services like finding an ATM, getting walking directions, booking taxis, changing currency, listening to audio guided tours and more.

Currently, the entire device interface is in the English language. We hope to provide the information and services and other languages soon.

We take a security deposit from you at the time of booking. We refund the complete deposit when you return the device, box and all its accessories in a similar condition to when they were handed to you.

When you consume all your data or voice minutes, it simply stops working. Since you can not exceed your quotas, there will never be any "surprise" charges. You must request a top-up to get additional minutes or data.

Shipping and return pickup is charged at US$9.99 per device. Shipping charges are waived for one device if your rental bill is US$50 or more.

We will need to customise plans for anyone requiring a rental period of over 80 days. Please contact us for more details.

You can cancel the booking anytime before the day of your specified rental start date. 100% refund shall be made in case the booking is cancelled with 6 days remaining to the Rental Start Date. However, in case you cancel within 5 days of the start of rental period, a fee of 50% of the rental cost will be deducted. This amount is deducted towards the costs incurred towards preparation of sending you the Trabug Pack. If the Pack is dispatched and you fail to accept the same, shipping charges of US$9.99 will also be deducted in all cases. Your security deposit will of course, be refunded in full.

For more details, check our Terms and Conditions

You will be charged for the damages or loss of the device and any additional accessories. Check our Terms & Conditions page for more details. This amount will be deducted from your deposit amount available with us.

At Trabug, we are very confident that the services we offer will be of value to all our customers. However, in case we're not able to resolve any issues you are facing and you do not wish to continue using our service, let us know and we'll arrange for it's pickup and issue a refund upon receiving the pack in proper condition.

All our Travel Phones can be used as WiFi hotspots to share their Internet connection with up to 2 other devices including your phones, laptops, tablets etc. It's also a great way to keep using services on your existing phone.

We provide a Travel Phone or WiFi Hotspot along with the SIM to ensure that there are no issues with band compatibility, carrier locks or provider settings. Our devices will connect to 4G networks across India wherever available. You can share the Internet connection of our Travel Phone and WiFi Hotspot and easily use apps and services on your existing devices.

There is a recharge/top-up option built-in to the Travel Phone or in the Trabug Connect App (which you can install on your own smartphone) which lets you add data or voice minutes with just a couple of taps. You can also contact Trabug support over the phone/e-mail and we'll add the desired top-up as soon as possible.

If your primary need is to just use Internet services on your own devices, we recommend going with our WiFi Hotspot. You can use apps like Whatsapp, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Facetime etc. to send messages and make calls to stay connected.

However if you would like the ability to make or receive regular mobile calls and texts/SMS then we recommend going with our Travel Phone. The Travel Phone comes with great local travel apps and services pre-installed and comes with a local Indian phone number. The Travel Phone also can be used as a WiFi Hotspot to connect your other devices to the Internet.

Our website provides the option to make your booking and pay at a later date. We recommend making your booking as early as possible.

You should confirm your Trabug order, by making your payment, atleast 7 days before your arrival in India.

If you wish to extend your plan, you must notify us at-least 2 working days before your rental period ends. Extensions will attract an additional fee determined by your requirements at that time.

Your data will simply stop working if you exceed the limits in your plan.

International or Local calling and texting are used from a common pool of "talktime". Which basically means that if you exceed the limits in one, the others are affected. For example, if you exceed your limit of domestic calling minutes, it will reduce the amount of SMS/text or International calling you can do.

Service is restricted by the Indian Government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (including Ladakh) for security reasons. All other parts of India are supported by Trabug.

All India roaming costs are included in the Trabug plan's base price. No additional charges will be levied for India-wide roaming.

The following apps are already installed on the Travel Phone:

  • Travel related - Google Maps, Uber, Ola Cabs, IRCTC Trains, Trabug Currency Converter and Delivery, Trabug Travel (food, sights, shopping, ATMs) and Trabug Emergency Services (police, hospital, embassy).
  • Social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Plus
  • Communication - Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Skype, Google Translate
  • Others - Youtube, Chrome Browser, FM Radio and other standard phone apps.

You may request some additional apps, up to 7 days prior to your rental start date, and we will try our best to accomodate those additions. However, to ensure the security and stable operation of the Travel Phone, we do not currently allow addition of new apps once your rental begins.

Due to prevailing security restrictions, we are unable to offer pickup or drop off at any airport.

We can deliver and pickup the Trabug pack from different cities in India. However we do not currently deliver or pickup anywhere outside India.

In case your plans change while departing India, you can update your pickup location as long as you give us 2 days notice.